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Thread: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 lacks user guide and Skype video call and general question

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    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 lacks user guide and Skype video call and general question

    I have purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and since a week I am been using it. I am very happy with the purchase as I have very limited requirements. But there are some things I want to complaint and even have some queries which I hope will be resolved here. Below is the list of queries I have:
    - I am unable to find a decent user guide so that I can follow it.
    - Even after I completely shut down my browser and then again when I reuse it, I find that the browser still retains the last used web details because of which I am unable to save short cuts to individual sites for instant call-up, so that I don’t have to retype the address each time. What is wrong over here or is it that I am making a mistake.
    - Can Skype be used with Tab 2 for the video calls? I found out that it is not recognized device. How can I use Skype on Tab 2?
    - Using the USB cable I transferred some music tracks. I tried to play that tracks on installed music player but it didn’t worked suggest solutions for this.
    - I downloaded two books on Kindle format and tapped it on Kindle app but it is unable to find the downloaded book so how can I use the app.
    Any help in regards of this question will be appreciated.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 lacks user guide and Skype video call and general question

    In some of the countries the retail package does not include the user manual, so you have to download it from the Samsung official website. The Samsung Galaxy Tab manual is published by Samsung on its official website. The user guide/manual is available in English language. This Galaxy Tab user manual comes in the PDF file format. The size of this file is 6.23 MB and it contains 226 pages. Inside the user manual you will find all the information about your tab, it also contains tips and tricks of how to use features on Samsung Galaxy Tab. Hope this information helps you to download the user manual and use it.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 lacks user guide and Skype video call and general question

    The issues you are facing with the browser may be they are the browser issues and not the tablet issue. Try clearing the Cache and Cookies of your browser and also check that you are using an updated version of browser which is compatible with your Tab. Also check the Privacy settings of your browser and see if you checked the restore session tab. Use always start a new session tab as it will always start a new session for you so that you can save your bookmarks and enjoy browsing the internet or else if nothing’s happening you can simply restore your browser.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 lacks user guide and Skype video call and general question

    Hi, in the beginning even I was unable to install Skype on my Galaxy Tab but then I found out one solution which I hope will even help you. Some of the Galaxy Tabs have problems with the Android Market and this makes it difficult to install some of the applications including Skype. There are two methods in which you can install Skype on your Tab without the Android Market, one is manual way of doing it and other is program based method.
    The manual way of doing it is search for the file “Skype apk” and you will be easily able to find a file that you can download and save on your computer. Connect your Tab to your computer via USB cable and create a separate folder on your Tab. Now save this apk on your Tab in the folder which you made. Then on your Tab locate an icon called “My Files” and click on it. It will show you list of folders, from that list of folders search the folder where you have saved the Skype apk file. Now that’s it press the file and Skype will be installed on your Tab.
    The another way of doing the installation on Samsung Galaxy tab without Android Market is by installing Applanet. Applanet is just like Android market it also lets you download and install applications in a couple of clicks. Here you will be able to download and use Skype on your Tab.
    Hope this helps you to install Skype on your Tab.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 lacks user guide and Skype video call and general question

    For transferring the songs into your Galaxy Tab first connect the Tab to your PC or Laptop using a data cable. It will show you a message saying”A new device has been found”, you have to click on the message once you click on the message a dialogue box will be opened, now you need to select the “Mount” option from your dialogue box. Now you have to create a folder in your PC or Laptop and add the songs which you wish to transfer onto your Tab. Once you have finished loading all the required songs click on “Start” menu from the home screen and after that click on explore. Now you will be able to find your device on the left hand side select the device and go to the specific folder where you want to save the songs, simply drag the folder which you have created to transfer the music which you have selected. After finishing the transfer remove the device in proper way and enjoy the music on your Galaxy Tab.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 lacks user guide and Skype video call and general question

    You can easily find all the information about Kindle app in the User manual and even learn to use it from there. I’ll just brief you about how to download and read a book from Kindle. Download the file straight to the Tab using a torrent downloader and once you have downloaded that move the books directly to kindle folder. Always take care that you download books only in .mobi format. Your Kindle folder should always be on your internal SD card and not in the external one. Once you place it over there they will be shown up in your kindle app. I hope this information helps you.

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