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Thread: Allshare application for Samsung galaxy y.

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    Allshare application for Samsung galaxy y.

    I purchased the new Samsung galaxy y. I have Samsung smart TV. I heard about the allshare application. This application is quite good for Samsung smartphones and TV. I want to play the videos on my Samsung TV. Does Samsung galaxy y support allshare?

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    Re: Allshare application for Samsung galaxy y.

    Yes, you can use allshare application in you Samsung galaxy y. Allshare is a Samsung’s sharing service which allows us to play video, music, photos on Samsung TV and many other devices. Connectivity depends if your TV supports wireless then you can connect it wirelessly or with an USB cable. You can use allshare even to connect your PC and your TV. You can connect many devices that support this allshare application.

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    Re: Allshare application for Samsung galaxy y.

    You can also use Samsung remote application to connect it to your Samsung smart TV. This application allows you to connect the Samsung TV and BD devices. You can use your mobile phones bluetooth to turn on your TV. The mobile phone works as remote for Samsung TV or BD. By default full screen remote is provided. You can control the connected devices with the tab at the bottom. When you want enter the text onscreen keyboard comes up automatically. You can also control games on your TV. To control games just turn on your gyro function. You can fine-tune and adjust gesture sensitivity on your mobile device to control TV.

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    Re: Allshare application for Samsung galaxy y.

    I suggest you to use iMediaShare to connect to your TV. In iMediaShare you can enjoy personal and online media directly. You can Enjoy watching phone videos and photos, and playing music on your large-screen TV. iMediaShare application transforms your Android phone into a remote control to control your TV. To connect with iMediaShare you need an internet enabled TV and Wi-Fi network.

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