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Thread: Samsung Galaxy S3 Features List

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    Samsung Galaxy S3 Features List

    Samsung Galaxy S3 new Android phone launched @ Rs. 35,000 in India. The price seems to be too high but nothing for the features provided in this new Smartphone. Samsung has provide a rich series of Android Smartphones and this time Galaxy S3 comes with more interactive support. For example, you can tag people contacts in photos taken by you and call or contact them via instant menu. There are some of the awesome features which are not found in other smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S3 is equipped with smart sensors which offer very easy usage and interactive methods of communication. As you can see the image it offers a very lightweight thin design. The phone really looks very fragile. Anyhow we can never imaging to drop a 35K thing. A 4.8HD Super Amoled screen is rich enough to deliver high definition video and premium quality photos.

    • Smart Stay : This feature involved a smart option of auto brightness adjustment when you are using the phone. Till the time you are in front of the phone using it, the phone brightness never go down. As you keep the phone aside within second it detects and dim the phone or simply turn off the screen.
    • Direct call : This is something new. When you navigate a person's name in contact list and found the one whom you want to call, simply bring the phone near your ear and done. The phone dails the call automatically.
    • Smart Alert : This features consist of a automated vibrated alert to provide you information related to a missed call or message recieve in the phone. The Smart Alert feature allows you to find out easily if you miss something.
    • Social tag : With this feature you can simply tag your friends and keep a track on their latest social networking updates. This features helps you to stay in touch with your loved one anytime.
    • S Voice : S Voice helps you to communicate with the phone by talking. You can tell the phone to capture a photo or set a alarm. This is a kind of dictation service where you can control the phone with voice.
    • S Beam : This is a beaming option which is used to share content between smartphones. S Beam allows you more easy sharing content between phones. You can transfer music, videos, photos, etc with S Beam
    • AllShare Cast : Samsung Galaxy S3 is one step ahead with other smartphone's to share your content on a wide screen. It supports a technology where you can beam your phone content on a wide screen TV with wifi support. So here there is no use of connecting the phone with a hdmi cable or other sources. Just beam the the content on a wifi supported device. This is supported by a AllShare Cast dongle. So if you TV even does not have a wifi support you do not need to worry. Plug the dongle and view your content on your TV.
    • Buddy photo share : Buddy photo share is a new apporach to photo sharing. When you click the photo of your friend a instant menu helps you to share that image instantly via email with your friends. A very nice feature to share images among group of people.
    • AllShare Play : This is a kind of streaming features which offer you a share your content with other on their computers. You can allow your friend to access your documents, and media files.
    • Pop up play : The screen is simply divided into part. You can watch a video and type a email on the same screen at single time.
    • Best photo : This feature allow you to capture 8 random photos and mixup to become a continous scene out of it.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 Launched with new features

    That looks awesome feature. What about the battery power and performance. I loved Samsung products. I had checked specification which showed that it comes with 64GB internal memory and bluetooth 4.0. That is really high specification which is not found in any other phone.

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