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Thread: How to unlock Huawei t520 phone?

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    How to unlock Huawei t520 phone?

    Hi people I want to know how can I unlock these device. By unlocking I mean either a sim unlock or a network unlock. That’s what I want to do. so can you all tell me how to do that. I want some opinions from you all on this.

    I have tried doing some research in the internet to get some help from where I can do some unlocking stuff but none of the major sites like gsmforums and xda developers had any information about it. now what to do can you all tell me? You all are my last options and hence seeking some help from you. I hope you will help me out with this. Waiting for your response.

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    Re: How to unlock Huawei t520 phone?

    See first of all there are lots of unlocking tools available in the internet in today’s world unlocking a phone is not a big thing. you can do it easily. All you need to do is pay for a particular unlocking tool and get it installed. It will ask for a imei code and you can enter it. they will be providing you the unlock code directly in your mail inbox. So check them out and use the code for the unlocking purpose. That’s one thing what you can do.

    There is one more solution that I found in a website in which the user calims that it has worked for his Huawei t520 phone. what you do is switch off the phone, remove the sim card and then turn on the phone. Now press SOS and delete 911 or 112. Type the following number *1673495 you will get list of options. go down to the menu and select ‘Others’. Now choose any one of the last 2 options, both the options are for the resetting password. Again I don’t claim this solution will work or not since this has been tried by a different user and not me. I am just forwarding you the solution that’s it.

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    Re: How to unlock Huawei t520 phone?

    Need a unlock code for AT&T impulse 4 g

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    Re: How to unlock Huawei t520 phone?

    Quote Originally Posted by Squirrelnutz View Post
    Need a unlock code for AT&T impulse 4 g

    There are many websites that give you the unlock code for AT&T Huawei Impulse 4G mobile phone for free, once such is WorldGSMcodes website. All you need to do is give them your mobile phoes IMEI number and then they will send you the unlock code. You simply need to put this code in your phone to unlock it.
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    Re: How to unlock Huawei t520 phone?

    It is possible to unlock it through software but the procedure is very complicated and there are chances of having a bricked phone. So the best thing you can do is contact AT&T. They offer you unlock service at a reasonable fee. The phone is sim lock to work with AT&T only and you can unlock it to work with all network. Just contact AT&T. I had done the same thing with a Motorola Razr phone which I had purchased on contract with AT&T. Check the below link. It has a form which you have to fill up to request a device unlock.

    AT&T Unlock Service

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