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Thread: Release Date of HTC One XL from AT&T

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    Release Date of HTC One XL from AT&T

    There have been rumors about HTC one XL will be releasing from/ for AT&T. Other than this there is no confirmed news about this and no idea about what when it will be going to release because the AT & T had not revealed the exact release date yet. I am damn sure that this will happen in this April but not sure whether it is this week or next week or later. I am hoping that they might be planning to release somewhere between the next week since I don’t see any other phone going to launch at that time. There was no reasons for this much delay. The rumors says that it is a due the delay of processor production which should be compatible with AT&T 4G LTE network. Does anyone know a confirm date?

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    Re: Release Date of HTC One XL from AT&T

    Actually it is the HTC one X phone but with the different processor. The AT&T is releasing the HTC One X is as the One XL which will now contain a LTE and a Snapdragon S4 processor. The rumors revealed that the phone will look Big Blue but there is no confirm notification about this yet. Somewhere I have seen an image saying web-based training (WBT) for the One XL has already begun and it is for all AT&T employees. So it looks like a good sign and the phone is not too far from us now. The AT&T employees might have already gained lots of experience about this phone. I hope that they do know troubleshoot well on any condition. Still there is no exact date of release but a launch of HTC’s new flagship phone HTC Inspire on April 22. After this only the track will be free for One XL. I am also expecting for this awesome phone and need to know about hands-on impressions.

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    Re: Release Date of HTC One XL from AT&T

    There are some screenshots leaked regarding the AT&T internal documents and a XDA Developers forum member published these screenshots and that’s what it shed light on the exact release date. Otherwise I don’t think that we really came to know about this phone yet. Some folks said that HTC One XL might be launched on April 22 but it is then replaced by HTC Inspire for the same price amount. So on next week, AT&T may going to launch the HTC Inspire 4G but not the one XL. HTC One XL being priced accordingly, it is expected to release on May 6. You should stay tuned in order to get more updates and rumors on this matter.

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    Re: Release Date of HTC One XL from AT&T

    Actually, the HTC originally didn’t announce that they are going to release or put on sale HTC one X within 60 days. The logic makes sense, and rumors pointed to the April 22nd time calculated previously. This latest leak does, however, challenge another bit of info suggesting the one XL has-been delayed until May 6th. We'll need to do a bit more digging before we can say either time is confirmed, with goal both approaching year official announcement might beat us to the punch. One X quad core processor is incompatible with LTE. The One XL has the dual core which is compatible with LTE. I assume that this thing is already known to everyone. But I think that other carriers are also planning to release same mobile with different name before the HTC one XL.

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