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Thread: Does HTC One XL having 2GB internal Storage?

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    Does HTC One XL having 2GB internal Storage?

    I am looking to purchase HTC One XL. I have done lots of research and gone through the products review. I decided that I would definitely purchase this particular device. however when I went to store to purchase this particular device I found that it is having internal storage of 2GB. So I became really disappointed after knowing it. they told me that Galaxy Nexus was not having option so that you can make use of 16gb/32gb to dl apps. The only reason why I wanted to switch from HTC Desire HD to HTC One X because it is having only 1GB internal storage capacity. Apart from that I was really happy with this particular device. well I really love to use various kind of apps. Whenever I am going to update the app of mine the phone which I am having showing that it is having low internal memory space. So I need to delete all the emails, messages and games from the device. if there is no enough internal memory then I would not be able to sync account or update any app which I have installed on my phone. Now I wanted to know whether how internal storage of HTC One X is working fine. Does it work same as that of iPhone 4S or Galaxy Nexus. Or the entire thing would be same as that of HTC Desire that is one will have only 2GB of internal storage and storing dl apps. We know that one can move all the games to SD cards. However widgets, emails, msgs and saved games would require internal storage. Let me know if you are having any useful comments on this particular matter.

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    re: Does HTC One XL having 2GB internal Storage?

    After going through the entire thing I wanted to tell you that 16gb is divided into 3 different section.
    One is reserved for operating system. 2nd part should be 2gb app partition and rest of 10Gb should be free space.
    Normally we don’t access system partition. However rest of partitions are working together, 2gb of partition. It can use saved data so that it can run app on 10gb. In simple term I should say that if an iPhone is having app of 20Mb then actual size of app should be off 500kb and rest of 19.5MB should be having supporting file most probably .bin file. However iPhone show that 20mb of memory is being used.
    As far as an Android device is concerned it would use 2GB partition for 500kb app and all 19.5MB data would be stored on the 10GB partition. However it is not applicable for all the app but works for the app which are latest one and those are updated. one x is having 16gb without having SD card expansion so that you can use this particular storage device for this particular app. I have used dropbox for nandroids, videos and rest of big files.

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    re: Does HTC One XL having 2GB internal Storage?

    I was also disappointed after hearing this particular thing. if I am purchasing a phone which is having 32GB of size but I would not like to use 2Gb from 32GB. I am having HTC Desire HD and it is having internal storage of 1GB. Same as I used to app a lot. From past couple of months I am deleting several emails as well as current app so that I can sync my account as well as update the app of mine. I think it supposed to be better if I could had Nexus or iPhone. I was not happy with I GB internal storage so I don’t think so an additional 1Gb would help much. Particularly when I have installed new app and updating current app installed on the phone of mine.

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    Re: Does HTC One XL having 2GB internal Storage?

    You should not that HTC One X is not having an option for external SD card. if that would be case than I am sure about that thing all the data such as apps, maps, emails, msgs, apps with widget are going to be stored in the internal memory.
    So there should be link between /data/app as well as ext partition which should be a part of internal storage. That particular part should work as microSD card. second thing which we can have utilize custom hboot. It would simply change your smartphone to use as MTP and simply put virtual sdcard on data partition. However in order to implement this particular thing we need to make some extensive changes in the operating system of device in terms of recoveries and Roms.

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