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Thread: Unable to update Asus X73SJ bios

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    Unable to update Asus X73SJ bios

    I have a Asus X73SJ which I purchased some few days ago and it was working fine, as I have encountered some issues , so decided to update my bios and after updating my bios, there was only black screen and my laptop wont start. I just tried with externally reflashing my bios, but there were no results. My friend had similar issues but he was looking for a recovery bios from USB or dvdrom?i tried that way and was however able to do that on, but I was not succeeded. Later after hard attempts , I gave it to service center where they required an bin or rom file and there is an different file format of asus bios file. So as I have the asus bios file and to solve my issue there is an requirement of .bin file, how I am able to convert my current file to .bin. or is there any procedure in which I am able to appropriately write asus bios file to flash. So guys please assists me in this case. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Unable to update Asus X73SJ bios

    To give first some basic information regarding this file I need to say that all the hardware configurations settings of ASUS motherboard are saved in the BIOS file . in addition, instructions such as how to allocate resources for various computer components are all preformed by the BIOS on your ASUS motherboard. ASUS releases BIOS updates periodically so that all would be ensured regarding the compatibility with newer types of hardware . and after updating the bios file all your issues regarding the compatibility issues or solve hardware conflicts will be solved. Many users are having issues regarding the compatibility of their system and the main means they perform are updating their bios file, I was also having same issues and after updating my bios file, al my compatibility and hardware conflicts were solved. ASUS BIOS update programs make use of .BIN files to overwrite or flash the ROM chip. And I need to say that if you are able to update the BIOS chip , you need to first of all decompress or extract the downloaded update file. And regarding the bin format, I will add some more as the BIN format is a type of disc image file and it is basically used for software distribution of programs which is proposed for the Windows operating system. And regarding the bin format, I will say that it is a type of disc image file which is used for software distribution and supported for Windows operating system. All the Bin file as well as ISO file format has the capability of holding all files needed to successfully burn a CD or DVD. And if you are concerned with updating the file with bin, the bin files are applied by making use of the firmware flashing utility and it is which can be downloaded from the motherboard manufacturer. There will be motherboard manufacturer instructions which you need to extract as every manufacturer will tend to release its own utility and requires updates to be applied in the same manner which it requires.

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    Re: Unable to update Asus X73SJ bios

    Guys I have some information regarding the updating of your bios with bin and I will provide some steps which will help you in your issue.
    1. So you need to type "msinfo32" into the Windows 7 and then to view the your BIOS information enter in your "System Summary”. And for finding proper hardware updates, write the full details.
    2. Move to the motherboard manufacturer's website and search for all the update which are essential along with the bin file. You also need to search flasher programs and download them .
    3. After this you will be with an read me file and from the BIOS updates, you will require to create a boot disk at this time using an included utility .
    4. Then proceed further according to the instructions of the manufacturer and see to it that you do all the steps correctly and there is no single error in your process. Your motherboard would be useless if there are some kind of errors in the way and your system will be unable to boot further. After you have made the update , you will require to reboot your machine . there will be an new update version on your screen.
    So hope this helps you.

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    Re: Unable to update Asus X73SJ bios

    I was also having similar issues and your question seems relating to me, as I have tried with updating of my bios but I used to do all in the case of .exe files. But was not having any idea regarding the update using .bin file. also i just downloaded the latest bios which is in the .bin format. So you will be having an dos based executable with which you are able to load the bin file and that applies in most of the bios. The awflash program is used by the award bios and if you wish to make use of this one , you will require to boot the awflash file into dos prompt after you copy the bin file to a floppy. And then after you are prompted with , you will be able to run awflash type in the name of the bin file. And then save it. Then load bios/bin and then remove disk and reboot. Also it has been said by some guys that there is an requirement of a flash program. If you are having it there is no need to download from the motherboard manufacturer and then make an bootable copy. Fill the floppy with the flash program and also the BIOS file and then reboot. Then type the name of the flash program followed by BIOS name and then .bin file .

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    Re: Unable to update Asus X73SJ bios

    I have another procedure in which you are able to update the BIOS by using Bin Format so the steps are mentioned below.
    1. Insert an blank CD and then click "Burn Disc Image” after right-clicking on your BIN BIOS update file.
    2. Then you can select your burner from the "Disc Burner" menu and then click "Burn" to burn your BIN BIOS upgrade file to the CD.
    3. You need to then restart your system with the newly burned CD still in the drive and there will an BIOS upgrade utility option.
    4. Answer positively for updating your BIOS' firmware. It will automatically restart and please don’t try with restarting on your own when the process moves on as it will have no effect on the settings.
    This is an actual process but I was using an program with which I was able to do the same thing. So I found a Freeware program with which I continued my process. BIN files are generally CD or DVD images that are opened by burning them to a disc . they are also opened with using a virtual CD/DVD disc program. I have found two programs which support extracting BIN files and burn them to CDs and DVDs and they are MagicISO and Alcohol 120% and they are a free downloadable program.

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    Re: Unable to update Asus X73SJ bios

    I need to provide you some steps regarding updating of your bios by some simple steps. Please have a glance over them.
    • So you can update the bios with the EasyFlash utility, included in the BIOS for some types of ASUS notebooks.
    • You can also do this by the AFLASH utility in DOS.
    • And there is an utility in windows with which you are able to update your bios through the WinFlash.
    Guys according to me, I have tried with all the three types but the most easiest I can find is the EasyFlash and it is proven to be the safes one of all the three types. It does not require any operating system. And also tghere is no requirement of any additional software . reboot your computer and press F4 at the ASUS splashscreen so that you can check if you have EasyFlash or not. You can use other way as check for the option Start Easy Flash by navigating to the Advanced tab. To enter in this move in the BIOS using F2 at the ASUS splashscreen.
    I will provide steps by which you are able to use EasyFlash
    1 As I previously said to enter in bios option to enter and then you need to positively answer if requested to do so. It will display model, version, and date of the current BIOS which are installed on the top-left corner. You need to then choose the drive where you saved the BIOS and after moving to the folder with the BIOS file and then chose the bios file. After that you are able to use it just as easily for downgrading the BIOS. Make sure that you have your appropriate model number and the version to which you are planning to write and then continue your process.
    2 After this one, there will effect on the BIOS as it will be erased and it will be totally flashed. Your system will reboot after some time after a successful completion of the procedure.

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    Re: Unable to update Asus X73SJ bios

    Hello guys , I have a similar motherboard and was with same concerns after updating. So to discuss further, I made some attempts with downloading the correct BIOS for my model and extracted it. But there was no positive result, I then renames the BIOS file to AMIBOOT.ROM and then placed it on a USB thumbdrive and made an insertion into USB 2.0 port.if you reset the CMOS there would be possible changes. Power up and press CTRL + HOME. There is a possibility that the BIOS may reflash from the BIOS file on the USB thumbdrive.

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