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Thread: Protective Cases for HTC One S

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    Protective Cases for HTC One S

    I need a good, touch and stylish case for my phone. I have looked over Amazon but I couldn’t come across a stylish one yet. Is there any out there? It passed 2 days now and I really love this phone because unlocked version running on AT&T. The HSPA+ coverage extremely good. I would like to express my thoughts of this phone. First of all I have experienced a very good batter life. The screen is well built and Sense 4.0 made it even more furnishing. HTC sense makes the Android looks more beautiful. There are more and more features and I am really satisfied with this phone.

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    Re: Protective Cases for HTC One S

    I think that currently there are limited amount of cases available in the market. But I hope that new cases will appear shortly. I know that no one wants to take risk of this phone. There is always a possibility of phone falling and breaking its screen. You also need to protect the device from sand, dust, scratch and other things that cause damage.

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    Re: Protective Cases for HTC One S

    As far as I know that you can get any kind of protective case for your phone but the thing is that you cannot guard the screen. The cases available only for the out body of the phone. That means, the current cases available are only able to protect the phone’s back cover and side cover. There is no way you can protect the display for screen. So the current cases are TDP and they looks somewhat like this.

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    Re: Protective Cases for HTC One S

    I don’t think that you will need to get the extra protective cover or case for HTC One S. The HTC itself unveiled that, the HTC one S unibody is ultra hardened and there is no way it can get scratch or break easily by accident. The metal used for HTC one S casing is very tough and a metal something like aluminum used in Airplane. The case is then completed with Micro Arc oxidation and does contain smooth ceramic finish. So it could be impossible to get scratch by accident or by minor drop. However for Screen, you should use display foil or transparent screen guard to protect the display from fingerprint and some minor scratches.

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