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Thread: HTC One S receiving Gmail notifications very slowly

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    HTC One S receiving Gmail notifications very slowly

    My HTC one S seems like having strange kind of problem with Gmail notifications. The problem is it is getting or receiving notifications from Gmail very slowly. All other notifications work fine in my case like Yahoo and Facebook. It is the only problem with Gmail. There is no problem with internet connection and speed. The sync with other apps happens normally. I have another phone in which I get Gmail notifications very quickly than this one. Does anyone know why?

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    Re: HTC One S receiving Gmail notifications very slowly

    It seems to me that you are having very serious problem and I don’t think that you will have any option or settings in HTC one S to customize and do anything. The only settings you can find is on Desktop side. See if you have configured more than one Gmail account in your mobile. I have heard that the Gmail fetching emails every 15 minutes or so if there are more than one account. However if there is only one account, then you it can update frequently. Anyway, did you try with other Email apps available on the android market? If you cannot get proper sync with Stock Gmail app, you can try different app available on Play store.

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    Re: HTC One S receiving Gmail notifications very slowly

    I have a "problem" with the GMail mail notifications. I have not always connected to the mobile Internet. When I want to know if I have mail, I have to connect and give the Refresh button in Android GMail program. So you have to make sure that your phone is always connected to the internet. There might be setting to change the sync mode from manual to automatic. Do it both on app and also on phone. Some apps by default set to manual. Now see if it can change anything in your case. If still the problem, then I assume that it is the problem with ICS power saving feature which syncs the Gmail app for a frequent period of time rather than automatic or always. Also when the batter turns low, the phone will not sync any apps automatically with internet. You have to manually sync them otherwise recharge the battery to get the phone out from the power saving mode.

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    Re: HTC One S receiving Gmail notifications very slowly

    Well there is the app for Gmail and other e-mail. If you are using the Gmail app, you have to properly authenticate with the server. Make sure that the synchronization is enabled, look under Settings -> Accounts and sync. For Gmail, there should be two hook set. Furthermore, you must have set the hook in Gmail to synchronize with mail app. It seems to me that the fact exists on all Android Mail app. Exchange mail so that you can also synchronize Gmail

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    Re: HTC One S receiving Gmail notifications very slowly

    I watched the synchronization. There are two hooks set. Also in "Manage Accounts" appears inside my Google account with a green circle with two arrows. But I still cannot get a notification when a new mail. About 2 hours before I had an email from a PC to my mail address to send and receive any notification. Only after I had the "Update" then with Gmail on the menu button, the e-mail was then after 2 seconds there. Recently, I get a new e-mail notification in the status bar when I'm gone already after the first notification in the mail app pre-installed.
    • Mail notification in the status bar
    • Look at mail (and delete if necessary)
    • About a minute later, a new notification appears in the status bar
    • When I open the mail app (not the notification icon in the toolbar) I receive no email
    • When I open Mail app on the alert, I see in my inbox, the email I received shortly before (and deleted) have unread.

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    Re: HTC One S receiving Gmail notifications very slowly

    I think that it is just a bug which is causing this issue and nothing else. Connection time out can also cause the issue when you setup Exchange email account, alongside a Gmail account. If there are no other Exchange accounts at all, then the Gmail should work fine and sync as quickly as possible. Also just make sure that you have selected the "Smart Sync" as the email collection method. With this the Gmail can also affected by Smart sync policy. Just to clarify, you have two options to that control the notifications:
    • First of all go the Home > Menu > Settings > Sound. There set the Notification sound to default
    • now go to the app's settings. Gmail will use the phone's default, do not change anything there. If you want you can set the app setting to Default also but first I will see by phone's default system settings. If it is not working, then I will go for further option.
    • If the issue still continues, go to Home > Menu > Settings > SD & phone storage: Factory data reset
    • If the soft reset didn’t make any changes in Gmail notification, then at lastly I would suggest for Hard reset. (make sure to back up the apps and data first).

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    Re: HTC One S receiving Gmail notifications very slowly

    Go to the launcher. Do not go to Gmail, go to email. If you already have done before, that will take you to your inbox Gmail messages (If you have not ever gone there, then you will have to add email accounts and add that of Gmail), you hit the options button (left button of 4 in below the screen, will come out 4 buttons (select all folders, write, and configuration. You give that last (configuration) and the list goes you click on the second (mail delivery) and that you will come out 3 things and the first is to push data. Go through the further steps as indicated for proper configuration of your Email account.

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