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Thread: How to attach a 4GB Sandisk Cruzer USB drive

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    How to attach a 4GB Sandisk Cruzer USB drive

    Have some doubts regarding this Cruzer USB drive. I bought a new 3 pack of 4GB Cruzer USB drives from a retail shop. I know that this regular sized drive comes up with a lanyard with a fin end in order to attach but I do not find the same in ones which I am having. I wonder how I can use this drive without having the ability of attaching something to the device. Is there anyone who knows how to attach the USB drives or should I simply return the device back to the retailer shop?

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    Re: How to attach a 4GB Sandisk Cruzer USB drive

    I don’t understand why sandisk wont include a 3 cent lanyard, what exactly their problem is? There are certain manufacturers who still include a lanyard, then why not sandisk includes them. I remember sandisk used to come up with lanyards but don’t know what’s wrong with them right now. Its really do not make any sense that such a bigger brand ignores to come with a lanyards. If it’s a budget brand drive then its quite understandable if they doesn’t comes with a lanyard but I guess sandisk is a premium brand then how come they are ignoring such things.

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    Re: How to attach a 4GB Sandisk Cruzer USB drive

    If you check out other Sanddisk devices like Cruzer Mini you will find that they come up with an attachment bar on the edge allowing a small key in order to attach those regular sized SSDs that do not have a bar located on an end. Due to this there is no way I can get a ring or fishing twist to make the radius with the needle nose pillars.

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    Re: How to attach a 4GB Sandisk Cruzer USB drive

    I must say that SanDisk have now went off to create the issue of designing the case in order to accommodate a specific style of lanyard. And from then they went to the expense manufacturing this design that includes the metal bar to firmly attach. There are people who take it as a minor issue but still users like me always search for all the compatibility and accessibility. I am looking at two premium SanDisk flash drives that I have purchased; I am wondering whether it is worth for me to waste both my time and money for going in search of an appropriate lanyard.

    I would simply return those drives and then go for some off- brands which would be cheaper and convenient.

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    Re: How to attach a 4GB Sandisk Cruzer USB drive

    You can simply make a ring on the Cruzer with the help of a small short piece of fish line or a small plastic cable tie, after that you Lanyard would surely work. Or maybe you can get an inexpensive device from online or somewhere from a local retail shop.

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