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Thread: Using Whatsapp with Nokia C7

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    Using Whatsapp with Nokia C7

    I am thinking to install the Whatsapp on my Nokia C7 but I mdont know much about this application. Can somebody over here tell me some information about this application? I have recently bought this phone so don’t have any application install on it. Also, if you know some alternate application for this then tell me that also.

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    Re: Using Whatsapp with Nokia C7

    WhatsApp Messenger is a way to replace traditional text messages for a system of free messages via 3G or WiFi phone your Nokia or Symbian. As we all know that everything has some pros and cons so I am listing them below and I am sure that it will help you to understand the app better.

    • Allows you to send pictures and audio
    • Sending free SMS
    • Find your contacts automatically
    • Delivery to mobile iPhone, Symbian, Blackberry and Android
    • Group Chat

    • Stability problems
    • It only works between phones with the installed application

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    Re: Using Whatsapp with Nokia C7

    With WhatsApp can send messages and keep in touch with our friends for free, but for them the two communicating devices must be installed WhatsApp. This application is also available for the Blackberry, Android and iPhone users. You will be charged $ 1.99 per YEAR after one year of free use.

    You install the program from the WhatsApp site. Then you are almost ready. You first need to enter your phone number. This is immediately followed by an SMS verified. If successful, enter a name for yourself (only useful for a feature in iTunes) and ready. The application finds all phone numbers in your address book and see which of them is already on WhatsApp. And their you can immediately start sending messages.

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    Re: Using Whatsapp with Nokia C7

    How do they do? Well, it goes all over the Internet. So it's really sneaky like a Jabber / Chat solution. All communication is based on numbers. You open the program, locate the person you want to send a message and sent the message. The other gets a notification on the screen similar to an SMS.

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    Re: Using Whatsapp with Nokia C7

    Why are you thinking much about this? This is free, just download and install this. You can also get this application on the OVI store. Just open that and search for this. I am sure that you will get that easily and it is also very easy to configure that as already mentioned above.

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