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Thread: Laptop running slow with AMD C-50 and 8GB Ram

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    Laptop running slow with AMD C-50 and 8GB Ram

    I have been using an old AMD X2 laptop which now contain an AMD C-50 processor. I know that it is not a fast processor. It was my mistake choosing the processor. Anyway my laptop is ASUS K53U which also has 8GB ram and RADEON HD6250M graphics. The problem is there is no way I can browse on Chrome. Whenever I start browsing on Chrome, the CPU reaches at 100% and lags much. Even I cannot play HD videos. Is there anything I can do to speed up the laptop?

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    Re: Laptop running slow with AMD C-50 and 8GB Ram

    As far as I know that it is a dual core 1.0GHz CPU. The processor is of 9w. This is meant to provide long batter life and suitable to run non-intensive applications. Your graphics is APU and it can play 1080P. it cannot handle more than this.

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    Re: Laptop running slow with AMD C-50 and 8GB Ram

    Did you try installing the latest drivers for your laptop? No matter what drivers it may, you should always get the latest one if it is available there. I can see that your graphics processor is enough for video playing stuff and the CPU is also capable do anything enough. You should try enabling the frame dropping which might help you to get the smoothness. As far I know that the current AMD C-50 DC 1.0GHz is almost certainly 50-75% slower than old AMD X2. You did a wrong choice there.

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