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Thread: unable to install my Tomtom map on tomtom start 20.

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    unable to install my Tomtom map on tomtom start 20.

    I have Tomtom start 20 with full EU maps. One day I was seeing that mps then I got one message that “No device found”. Then immediately I plugged into my Pc and trying installing maps again. The updates went fine but when It come for maps update once again then I clicked on black install tab then after instant the tab turned gray after 3 seconds went black again but I didn’t show any error message. The maps installed but it doesn’t start. So can anyone tell me how to fix this issue?

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    Re: unable to install my Tomtom map on tomtom start 20.

    Hi, I have read your content which has been discussed above. But let me tell one thing is I don’t have a solution after reading your entire content on forum it came up is that there may chances of that suspicious that is Tomtom having a internal server errors and causes problem with the latest maps. Any further information if I got then I will let you know.

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    Re: unable to install my Tomtom map on tomtom start 20.

    I don’t know whether you have applied any technique for solving this query or not. You most probably apply the techniques whenever you are in trouble. So I would suggest you that please try this techniques I hope this will help you.
    • Use the Mozilla or Google Chrome as a default browser.
    • Please make sure that your MyTT application should be run without any interruption such as antivirus or firewell.
    • I would suggest that please change the internet port for My TT application instead of using 4000 just use 4001 or 5000.
    • After that clear the cache for MyTT application as well as browser.
    • Whenever your device gets connected with your computer got to network connection and set the network as trusted network.
    • Install first application updates and alone.
    • Please make sure that neither your device nor your computer enters any kind of power saving mode during this.
    • I also recommend that you can change the preference your MyTT application.

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    Re: unable to install my Tomtom map on tomtom start 20.

    I don’t know whether it will help you or not but I am here to help you and I will try to my level best. Please try the following instructions to reinstall the map, which would resolve the issue.
    Clear cache in MyTT for this you have just click on settings>tab cache>clear cache.
    1. Clear the cache of browsers if you are using Internet explorer so you will get the option from menu>tools>delete browser history> select the entire temp files> delete. Similarly for Google chrome, Safari.
    2. Delete all my tomtom preference in c:\windows\temp.
    3. Delete all the files and folder, if you didn’t deleted all the files please reboot the pc and try again.
    4. Connect your device to official site of Tomtom and then retry.

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