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Thread: My wii stopped on red light, how to solve it?

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    My wii stopped on red light, how to solve it?

    My wii has stopped on a red power light and is not proceeding to the green light even after pressing the start button. When i use my wii remote , light on it glows but my wii is not turning on. I had inserted the SD card into it and then it turned off and never turned on. I have unplugged ans plugged it again but that doesn’t seem to be helping me! Can you please help me?

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    Re: My wii stopped on red light, how to solve it?

    It may be the case that when you inserted the SD card into wii it may have passed some static electricity due to which your wii has frozen. Is your SD card damaged or Unlicensed because it can cause problem like this. The SD card may have tripped the circuit breaker on the Ac adapter. Try using different power outlets at your home or you can connect different devices to connect same outlet to check if it is working or not.

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    Re: My wii stopped on red light, how to solve it?

    I think you will have to reset the wii AC adapter, use the following steps to reset it:
    1. First remove the AC adapter from system . It should remain unplugged for 2 minutes.
    2. Now unplug anything that is connected to the USB ports and GameCube controller port. E.g.: LAN Adapters, keyboards, Nintendo GameCube controllers etc.
    3. Most of the Unlicensed products do not work with wii. Also check for the physical damage to the AC adapter. If you have frayed wiring then it can cause the system to shut down.
    4. If you have damaged adapter then you can buy new one from Nintendo's online store.
    5. After waiting for the 2 minutes plug in the AC adapter back to the wii system and connect it to the power outlet. Check if you get the green light now! If it does then it means that you have successfully reset the adapter.

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