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Thread: Samsung Series 3 does not connect to Wi-Fi

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    Samsung Series 3 does not connect to Wi-Fi

    Hello friends, i have seen many problem with the Series 9 laptop, but i have got the problem with the Series 3. The only problem is that is not able to connect Wi-Fi, when it is been connecting then it does connected for longer time. If i try to connect next to router then also it stay connect for 3-4 minutes then after that it. So does anyone has face the problem and i have got it from online and do wanted to go the procedure of repackaging and reshipping. So what should i do to solve the problem, please help me with it. Thank you.

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    Re: Samsung Series 3 does not connect to Wi-Fi

    I do not think that Series 3 is having the issue of Wi-Fi, as it is not having the Duralumin case. I am find it to be weird,that you are getting the problem with it. I would suggest that you try to work it with different GHz such as 2.4 vs. 5 and also different bands, 20 and 40, to check that with those combination you are to work or not. I would say the wireless-n will be a better option next to router. Whereas the Series 9 laptop is having the Duralumin casing on top and bottom, so you take bottom off then there might be no issue with Wi-Fi. I believed that there is no problem with Wi-Fi of Samsung Series x laptops.

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    Re: Samsung Series 3 does not connect to Wi-Fi

    I am also having the samsung series 3 notebook, i have purchased it past a week, so i have confronted with the weak wi-fi reception problem at that moment. So keeping the laptop next to wireless modem, the signal which i was use to get was normal and after some time it was very less, such it was a weak connection. I have search on net to get some information to solve it, but was not able to get anything. Then i have tried to work it, so keep on trying and trying i was able to get the solution of it and also the problem. It was dues to the bluetooth, when the bluetooth was ON then it was giving me the problem, so when i switched it off it work properly and was getting full signal. So i would suggest that you check you bluetooth if it is been enabled then do not then try to switched off.

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    Re: Samsung Series 3 does not connect to Wi-Fi

    I have heard about the problem of series 9 not about the series 3. The problem which is been occurring in series 9 is due to Duralumin casing which is been used.

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    Re: Samsung Series 3 does not connect to Wi-Fi

    I was also having the problem with the Wi-Fi of my series 3 laptop, i was use to get a normal signal, whereas i was just two feet away from the router, so when i have turned by bluetooth off then i was able to get full network, even i use the laptop in office then also it is able to get the connection of it. The solution is to switch off the bluetooth.

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