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Thread: Availability of Nokia Lumia Series Phones

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    Availability of Nokia Lumia Series Phones

    I am looking forward to buy Nokia Lumia Phones because they are running with windows phone 7 OS. Currently I don’t think that they are available in my country. Never seen any add here. I will try to get it from my neighboring country. My friends are residing in different countries. So I am thinking about order it from there and told them to send the package. Does anyone know in which areas Nokia has released its Lumia Series Phones.

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    Re: Availability of Nokia Lumia Series Phones

    Vodafone has announced its upcoming release and the rates that will be available to users and new customers. A smart terminal, according to the quality that Nokia has a habit and not inconsiderable technical features. And all spiced with the Microsoft operating system, Windows Phone.

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    Re: Availability of Nokia Lumia Series Phones

    Nokia Lumia 710 and 800 previously available in November in France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom for 420 Euros excluding taxes! The price is quite high because it happens to more than 500 Euros, the smartphone should rather compete with the HTC Titan HTC the Radar. The Lumia 710 meanwhile will be more modest; it will be equipped with the same processor but will have an LCD CBD (not AMOLED) and a 5 megapixel camera.

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    Re: Availability of Nokia Lumia Series Phones

    As far as I know that the first released Nokia Lumia phone is available in all countries. Other than this the online retailer Amazon lists the Nokia 800 already Lumia. The phone is pre-order for 499 Euros without contract. Amazon does not call a delivery date.

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    Re: Availability of Nokia Lumia Series Phones

    Some of you are eager to have the hands cyan version of the Nokia Lumia 800. While it was available on the Internet, it took little time for the status changes to "temporarily unavailable". The Phone has really decided to attract all potential customers in its stores. The company sends letters to its customers via traditional way to invite them to test the first Windows Phone from Nokia store. The odds are low that the shops have already Lumia 800 cyan versions in stock.

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