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Thread: Nikon D800 camera going to have 36 mp sensor

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    Nikon D800 camera going to have 36 mp sensor

    Hey friends, I heard that the latest Nikon camera images are leaked before it official release. I don’t have exact idea about this camera but I read it on internet that this digital camera is going to have 36 megapixel sensors. This is unbelievable, and something very huge and vast. This camera is going to be great one for the studio work, making large photo copies and prints. Anyone else has any idea about this camera or it’s really just a rumor?

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    Re: Nikon D800 camera going to have 36 mp sensor

    Better I would believe in the present fact until this camera comes in the market. My D300 is the best for me and also looks very much impressive. Especially I love its sensor; the center 15 sensors see detail of any direction; where as the other 36 sensors only focus the other details if they run in the correct direction. In total it has 51 points sensors. Also the frame rate is 6 FPS and 8 FPS with MB-D10 grip. No doubt this one is going to beat your D800, if D800 is really going to exist.

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    Re: Nikon D800 camera going to have 36 mp sensor

    No it’s a fact. If you don’t believe then you can check out the specification on internet. Here are the specifications I got from internet:-

    1. Smaller and lighter than D700
    2. Resolution: 7360x4912 (36MP)
    3. CF+SD memory card slots
    4. Slightly larger display
    5. Excellent video quality, better than D3s
    6. Video modes: 1080p/30/25/24 and 720p/60/30/25/24
    7. AF identical to D3/D700

    Hope this information will make you believe about the new D800.

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    Re: Nikon D800 camera going to have 36 mp sensor

    Even I believe it as fake information. I checked it on internet. The images were no doubt, fake for me. I personally feel that the images were Photoshoped. They are blurred very much unreal. Not only me but anyone who will check out the image will come to know that the images are fake. How come you believed it? Anyways I would believe only when the information is released on nikon’s official website.

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    Re: Nikon D800 camera going to have 36 mp sensor

    Myth or fact, which cares? people going to have blast if such camera with 36 mp really comes out. But I will stick to my D700 with 16 mp which is more than enough for me, 36 mp are medium format size. 36 mp doesn’t really matter, one of my friend said that practically it’s going to be the same, as D700 sensor only enlarges to full frame level. But even if D800 comes into the market they are not going to be different from D800 as most of the products which are launched slightly differ from their previous version. Anyone having any idea about the release date of D800 if it’s really going to be released?

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    Re: Nikon D800 camera going to have 36 mp sensor

    The only thing that’s making the people not to believe in D800 release is its sensor. Definitely anybody can think that why exactly the company had a huge jump from 12 to 36 mp sensor. But I think people should also look over the other specification which makes this model a normal usual camera.

    The iso performance as well as the frame rate is not going to be so impressive. It’s because there is no camera with high iso performance and frame rate. If these criteria are fulfilled then obviously the camera is going to cost very high which can be unaffordable by a normal person.

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    Re: Nikon D800 camera going to have 36 mp sensor

    I heard that this model is going to be released by the end of this January. Launching of this model is a fact but even I doubt its sensor. Any ways if it’s true then just remember it’s going to beat Nikon D3X which till now was on the top position in terms of mpix count followed by D700. Not only this, but again if mpix count news is true then it is also going to compete canon’s new flagship. But I personally believe that it cannot beat canon’s new flagship EOS C300 in terms of video.

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