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Thread: how to Clear out cache in kindle-fire?

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    how to Clear out cache in kindle-fire?

    hi, I am using kindle-fire but I am not able to delete or hide the pages I have surfed. How can I clear cache?

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    re: how to Clear out cache in kindle-fire?

    Well you should try the below mentioned steps and let me know whether it is useful to you or not.
    click the menu button at the bottom of the screen and then select "clear the cache" and "clear the history." This will clear your cache. shutting down the device and restarting it will clear out cached data. Another way is to install an app manager that can perform this function (there are several, Gemini is a good one). If you leave your device on for long periods of time without completely shutting it down, clearing out the cache occasionally (like every several days, depending on usage) is a good habit to get into.

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    re: how to Clear out cache in kindle-fire?

    You can also use the following steps
    • go to web browser and go to menu.
    • Now go to setting there you will find a small list,
    • Select Clear all cookie data, Clear cache or Clear history , it will ask you for confirmation click ok to proceed. Perform these steps every couple of months or whenever your browser seems slow.

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    re: how to Clear out cache in kindle-fire?

    I use an app called History Eraser that works great kills all sorts of data caches.

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