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Thread: Does Google wallet works with Samsung Galaxy Nexus

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    Does Google wallet works with Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    Anyone have any idea about Google wallet ? Does it work with Samsung Galaxy Nexus? i am actually confussed here. becuase to search the answer for this i just go through many sites and in every sites its giving me different answers. i just want to update my apps through the market and its comes with new Google Wallet APK. but here the thing is, it cannot allow to run this. because while i open this app, its giving me that, i need Google Employee account to use this and give just OK button option. please if anyone has any idea on this than please help me.

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    Re: Does Google wallet works with Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    Doubts about the roots of your shiny new Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but still reeling from the lack of Google Wallet? No problem. A APK that brings the mobile wallet roots and roots alike is not circulating through the Android developer community. Should you have an estate Galaxy Nexus run some other NFC payment system, the phone will probably have to be restored to a pre-Wallet before the new APK can be installed.

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    Re: Does Google wallet works with Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    several applications are already available that will the future of the mobile society. Google is one of those candidates, and uses the opportunity of the Android Market to reach many more users. But with the Galaxy appear on the Samsung Nexus Verizon wants to put some Internet giant stones in the road. Although the new smartphone with Google's Android software 4.0 (code name: Ice Cream Sandwich) will run, but the mobile operator is rather to their own product Isis.

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    Re: Does Google wallet works with Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    To pay with a digital wallet, Isis uses an NFC chip that is connected to the data of the credit card. Google Wallet seems to use a similar technique, but must be entered here in the run-up in each transaction, a PIN in order to activate the NFC chip. The Google software is already running attest clients. Google Wallet is currently available on all devices and Mastercard work with Visa, American Express Discover in full swing.

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    Re: Does Google wallet works with Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    if it is not for the Galaxy Nexus users be able to relate the Google app on the Android Market, some users will surely get the idea that you download the app from other sources. With the sideloading The app can also install software that does not come directly from the market.

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    Re: Does Google wallet works with Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    Some users are able to relate with Google wallet and some or not. you can also use some security apps which make your mobile a digital wallet..

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