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Thread: Asus-wmi linux driver for Asus G73 Notebook

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    Asus-wmi linux driver for Asus G73 Notebook

    Last week i have purchased the Asus G73SW but i was pretty frustrated to know that the Linux driver are not supported for this model. When i have checked in the ACPI DSDT, i come to know that the G73SW only exposes the hotkeys along with some other ACPI-related machine specifics. For all of this, it uses WMI interface. So till there, there is no clear support for the laptop.

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    Re: Asus-wmi linux driver for Asus G73 Notebook

    Actually and I'm totally satisfied, but for video drivers, ultimately, to which you installed? The 10.8 I tried were totally unstable and I think I read that 10.6 did not pose a problem so I remain skeptical: they keep the factory or I start with 10.6 / 10.7?

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    Re: Asus-wmi linux driver for Asus G73 Notebook

    So I have the solution.

    • You have to flash BIOS and VBIOS. Then uninstall the old driver and then the new on it.
    • At least yesterday, everything went without problems, long time, but technically I can not confirm ....
    • So ne action for a driver uptdate, I do not quite normal.

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