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Thread: Blackberry Bold 9900 vs. Blackberry Bold 9790

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    Blackberry Bold 9900 vs. Blackberry Bold 9790

    So I have made a thread on both of these Smartphone’s I am comparing both of them so tell me as if which one would be the good Smartphone. I want the comparison happening between these two that I have said here. So do reply on what do you all have to say about the comparison. I am waiting for the response from your side as if what would be the better answer for me.

    Do reply guys on the same.

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    Re: Blackberry Bold 9900 vs. Blackberry Bold 9790

    I would rate Blackberry Bold 9900 as a better one simply because of the 4 main features that it has got or the benefits it has got over the Blackberry Bold 9790.

    One is the HD recording, the other being the better keyboard. The keyboard of the Blackberry Bold 9900 is much bigger and better to type compared to the 9790. The third is the sleek design and the fourth is the bigger screen.

    What else do you want in the phone you tell me. I mean all these benefits are enough for you to mention that this 9900 scores very high then the 9790.

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    Re: Blackberry Bold 9900 vs. Blackberry Bold 9790

    You cant say that I have got a detailed comparison for you. So what I am saying here is that Blackberry Bold 9790 has a Better camera. Plus it is very much compact to handle. Means slim and lighter in weight as well. It has a better price much cheaper then the 9900. So I would say better go with the 9790 bold if you are looking for a much slimmer model of the blackberry phone. So that’s t from my side for you all.

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    Re: Blackberry Bold 9900 vs. Blackberry Bold 9790

    I think so 9900 has a better processor but the only thing that is missing in the 9790 is the auto focus feature that I think should get integrated here that’s what I feel here. So I hope you did understand what I have said here. Well the rest of the differences that are being mentioned about the phone can be solved with small update that’s what I feel.

    So here is my opinion about the phones and I have answered it accordingly.

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