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Thread: Corrupted default theme in samsung galaxy R

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    Corrupted default theme in samsung galaxy R

    Hi, Instantly later than opening my Samsung Galaxy 2 and implementing the wizard, the screen would freak out if I handle the screen everyplace or push one of the buttons at the bottom. Occasionally icons would be stretched, skewed, missing, or the animation would solidify mid-action (observe attached screen shots). I observed this wouldn't occur if I tried an application like a game or go into the market. So I choose after that downloaded a theme randomly and installed it and it set the errors. To me, this tells me the default theme is corrupted. So my query is, is there some method to reinstall the default theme? Or should I just attempt and reinstall the complete Operating System? I have previously tried restoring to factory settings with no chance.

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    Re: Corrupted default theme in samsung galaxy R

    Even though it sounds similar to an application or program corruption, it may be firmware /hardware. Are there any difficulties with some extra graphics, for example :-> using Photo Editor or playing videos? In dissimilar ways of the themes procedure instructions to the firmware, so it might not be the theme. Did you re-install the Operating system using Odin, or apply the cell phone's “Factory Reset Default"?

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    Re: Corrupted default theme in samsung galaxy R

    I have similar problem with Playing games, videos, using the camera's etc are very well. It's merely the home screens or tabs and the web browser. I tried restore to factory but no chance how do I re-install the Operating System? Do I require the file from Odin or Bell Mobility will do it?

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    Re: Corrupted default theme in samsung galaxy R

    In view of the fact that you only bought it, you should transport it back to the shop for a replace.Don't attempt to do something, for the reason that it might be a hardware problem.

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