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Thread: No voice commands in Nokia C6-01

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    No voice commands in Nokia C6-01

    I lately did reset in my mobile phone (*#7370# method) and currently even though there is the greek tone that was lived before, 1) it can’t state to me the messages similar to it did earlier in greek language, furthermore 2) there are no voice commands within my mobile phone and i can’t put in a few as well! Perhaps there is a method to obtain my greek voice commands back? Can anyone tell me how?

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    Re: No voice commands in Nokia C6-01

    Unfortunately, this works out only from the original screen, or from the menu. I got my start screen with Handy Shell superimposed because the function is no longer there. But good to know you can switch by pressing a button in the normal screen and then you go.

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    Re: No voice commands in Nokia C6-01

    • Voice tags are not language reliant. They are needy on top of the speaker's voice.
    • Voice tags are responsive to backdrop sound. Record voice tracks plus play them into a silence surroundings.
    • Hold the mobile phone in the usual spot close to your ear while you record a voice tag otherwise making a call by the use of a voice tag.
    • Extremely small names are not established. Use extensive names and evade using comparable names for dissimilar numbers.

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    Re: No voice commands in Nokia C6-01

    Generally you click the command you want, tell you an msg "Press Start, then speak after the beep" or a thing like that. Click it and after the beep pronounced a word (rather quickly and loudly) that will record your voice. after the command to use, generally it is necessary to use the button "volume" which is on one side as soon and do a long press is either the + or -. And you must do so after the beep. Say the word and your voice gets underway.

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