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Thread: How to stream videos from external HDD in Sony Tablet S

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    How to stream videos from external HDD in Sony Tablet S

    How to stream videos from a external hard drive in Sony tablet. I having a 500GB usb 2.0 external hard drive with usb port on it. And my friend has as Sony tablet. I am having tons of movies in it. I cannot transfer that to the pc because it is time consuming. We can also copy a few of them in the tablet due to low storage. Is there a way to directly stream the content of hard drive on the tablet without copying.

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    There is no direct way of streaming if your external hard drive is not having a wifi on it. There are some portable drive which come with wifi streaming. If you have a plain one then you cannot stream directly. You can buy a micro usb to usb adapter and connect the drive to the tablet. In that way you can stream content. It will be detected as a storage media. I do this on a ipad where it works really well with my usb.

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    Re: How to stream videos from external HDD in Sony Tablet S

    I declined and endeavor to view the files via a couple of dissimilar file managers other than might not seem to locate the HDD in moreover of them. So I went to the Sony data relocate app and it recognized it extremely well. Commencing from there I be able to moreover stream from the HDD of transfer the files to the tablet. The entire the files tested were 720p TV & BD rips and they worked extremely well with MX Video player.

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    There are two things you will need to stream the movie. First a wifi connection at your home and second a windows pc. Connect the drive to the pc and add the move folder in windows media player library. Go to the Network sharing and configure media sharing. Now in your Sony tablet you can either download app through which you can access Windows Media Player library or you can check in the audio player. Everything must be connected to the same wifi network to make it work properly.

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