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Thread: Purchased android app removed from market

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    Purchased android app removed from market

    I am really sick of purchasing apps and then having google decide to remove them. I purchased the PSX4Droid, Gensoid as well as some of the additional emulators a few days back. After paying for that, I am not able to download them as of the market. I have already paid money for those apps so I should be able to get it downloaded from the market but I am not able to do that. If this is really not possible then can I get refund for this?

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    Re: Purchased android app removed from market

    This is not that different as of a lot of additional things. I bought quite a lot of DRM'd MP3's once as of an online music store. That company went away of business. My DRM'd music does not function anymore. I can't download it again and I can't get a refund.

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    Re: Purchased android app removed from market

    Just try to reset your phone and see if that helps.

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