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Thread: Negative points of BlackBerry Curve 9370/9360/9350

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    Negative points of BlackBerry Curve 9370/9360/9350

    This is not meant to be a complete appraisal, just thinking I would set out my experiences of several problematic problems for those wearisome to make up their minds. I got the blackberry 9360 on Rogers last week and have been using it as intensively as always. I use BES and chiefly use the device for work.For situation, I am coming from the blackberry Bold 9700. In terms of instant shortcomings /problems, I noted the next:
    1. Reception - Reception is unfortunate compared to the blackberry 9700.
    2. Battery Life - the battery is considerably poorer than the blackberry 9700.
    3. Temperature - somewhat I have not seen reported is that the device gets extremely hot on the back when it is downloading from application over the network , running media or you are receiving / sendinga lot of info (pdf file etc). While it isn't burn your hands hot, it is hot sufficient to be uncomfortable and to decide to move your hands to the side. I presum that makes intelligence in light of how thin the device is (and I would believe ties into quick battery life loss).
    4. Durability - The screen seems fewer durable than the blackberry 9700.
    5. Applications - Didn't realize this ahead of occasion and it may modify, but a ton of applications are not obtainable on the fresh curve, at least for the occasion being. There’s good material too, I just figured I would pass this on.

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    Re: Negative points of BlackBerry Curve 9370/9360/9350

    I have totally no thought why RIM put lesser batteries in factorable more commanding devices. I know the Operating System got various optimizations, but it doesn't make intelligence. I might have to go in advance and try to get a blackberry Bold 9780 that doesn't have a faulty keyboard. I was keeping my eye out for this one a bit, since it's basically blackberry 9780++ spec-wise. But that battery is unforgiveable. Also, I can't consider RIM did it once more. They gave the CDMA alternative twice the amount of application storage as the GSM.

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    Re: Negative points of BlackBerry Curve 9370/9360/9350

    It is depend on my feeling which is several of them. Battery life is very nice and long with mine. Also, the heating up of the battery has become a small issue, but it doesn't heat up for so long so that's possibly okay. The phone is worth it, in my estimation.

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    Re: Negative points of BlackBerry Curve 9370/9360/9350

    I have used the blackberry Curve 8310, blackberry Bold 9000 blackberry, blackberry Bold 9700, and blackberry Torch 9800 and every cell phone was on par with reception. I'm on the ‘Rogers’ network also and have noticed this past week that reception was fairly despoiled - not sure if it has to do with the conditions (raining fairly a bit). I installed operating systems 7 version .400 it and it's been twelve hours and still have 45% battery time at 60% display brightness level. With the older edition I was lucky I had battery time on my drive residence from work. I also knowledgeable the phone getting warm surfing or downloading but once I installed operating systems 7 edition .400 it almost eliminated this. I actually get pleasure from the slim issue of the telephone and must say it's one of my favorite blackberries to date.

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    Re: Negative points of BlackBerry Curve 9370/9360/9350

    The web browser's very excellent with mine, not that early but doesn't hang as often anymore match up to to older Curve models. So far, my browser hasn't crashed yet and the close tabs pop up hasn't come up yet, as well.

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    Re: Negative points of BlackBerry Curve 9370/9360/9350

    My main problem is the keyboard - I really like the blackberry Curve keyboard style (coming from an blackberry 8900), but the keys on the blackberry 9360 are so sunk - they're difficult to hit. That's good to hear. I hardly ever used browser on blackberry 9300 on blackberry 8900 but now on this blackberry Bold Touch I utilize it extra than any other application and I would like to utilize the browser on the blackberry 9360 when I obtain it.

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