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Thread: How I known Blackberry torch 9850 will be come?

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    How I known Blackberry torch 9850 will be come?

    I heard torch 9850 will be released there torch on around 21st I would imagine Verizon should be work same ASAP. I am due for an upgrade at the end of August and NEED to upgrade my Storm 2. I want the 9850 so bad but all the forums are saying contradictory things some say it is coming out other say its not some say its going to be released this week others say October. So I wait for a 2 week for this phone.

    After I will be terminate fee and then going off the family share to my own account which would double the price of what I pay now .so any one who works for Verizon let me know?.

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    Re: How I known Blackberry torch 9850 will be come?

    I am waiting for torch 9850 till I don’t get and I wont to be use by me. These is good feature phone I want to use these and I already using one of the phone of blackberry I saw the feature of torch 9850 it my dream to use torch.

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    Re: How I known Blackberry torch 9850 will be come?

    There are thousand of people that are hoping for torch 9850.i really wants this phone but I didn't know when it would be released. He didn't even want to confirm that it was coming because he said what he knew was only rumored.

    Because of the service in NYC is very poor (dropped calls, etc), though the idea of being able to be on the web while on the phone is nice. I really want this device.

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    Re: How I known Blackberry torch 9850 will be come?

    I will probably wait until Sept. 1st, if it's not out, or nothing definite is being said about the release, I am either going to another carrier or going the 9930.

    I have been in complete bliss since they have their phones, now it's our turn. I just wish that something would get leaked. it's the not knowing that it making me mad at Verizon.

    Local Verizon store last week and they said it was coming very soon.

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    Re: How I known Blackberry torch 9850 will be come?

    Anyone thinking of buying the 9850 from Verizon. The landscape typing was very cool and easy to use. Also seemed like the internet was slightly faster than the 9930. Also the camera had autofocus. Go into sprint today to see if you like it. You might be disappointed. The screen in very narrow. The body feels like plastic and it will not be NFC compactable. Not to totally knock it. I will say that it will take time to get used to, as would any person moving from a physical keyboard to a virtual keyboard. or, you could go the other way in that it would take time for me to switch from my Storm to a Bold because I haven’t used a physical keyboard in 3 years.

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    Re: How I known Blackberry torch 9850 will be come?

    I agree with you that your screen is definitely more narrow Due to that, the keys on the virtual keyboard, when held in portrait, are closer together, thus making it slightly more difficult to type when compared to the Storm series.
    You need to understand that if you've never used a touch screen device, you will not be able to pick up the device on minute one and type as you didn’t on your previous, physical keyboard device.

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