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Thread: How to synchronize blackberry with Groupwise 6.0?

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    How to synchronize blackberry with Groupwise 6.0?

    I don’t uses the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), but I know that users would like to be able to Sync their Groupwise Calender and Address book. And it was working so good up till now. Now Blackberry Desktop manager allowed the syncing no problem, but in my case it was not working properly. For that reason I think that desktop manager has been updated and removed compatibility. For resolving this I have also tried with the downloading the older versions but none of them seem to have the compatibility, but I am sure that it works with other users.Can anyone help?Or does anyone know of a work round?

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    Re: How to synchronize blackberry with Groupwise 6.0?

    In this case let me tell you that Novell Groupwise 6.0 is no longer supported for the synchronization with BlackBerry Desktop Manager but I think that versions 6.5 and 7 are supported. So if you have update it in your system then I will suggest you to download the versions 6.5 and 7 and install them in your system. And before doing this uninstall the Groupwise 6.0. try with that and hope that this will help in your case.

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    Re: How to synchronize blackberry with Groupwise 6.0?

    I am also having the problem with the GroupWsie, and the problem is that when I fix a date in my BlackBerry with a duration of a whole day it doesn’t except that. And also when I fix the day in the blackberry at that time GroupWise moves the appointment on to the day before or the day after. What can I do to resolve this issue. And thanks for the above suggestion.

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    Re: How to synchronize blackberry with Groupwise 6.0?

    Here I am sure that this problem is related with the update. For that reason only I would like to suggest you for try for the latest update for the GroupWise. And then try with the same task of setting the date in the GroupWsie calendar. It will help to resolve the problem.

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