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Thread: Organize photo in PC but cannot organize album on Nokia N8

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    Organize photo in PC but cannot organize album on Nokia N8

    I have a mess of photograph at present arranged in my computer into envelopes and I attempted to transfer them in my N8. Outlandish to have them ordered into collection in the Nokia photograph viewer, I will need to select one by one every photograph to reproduce collections. It is determined to bring hours for thousand of photographs and it would all be able to vanish in the event that I may need to do a hard or soft reset. I am lost something?

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    Re: Organize photo in PC but cannot organize album on Nokia N8

    This is a restriction in symbian photograph application doesn't reflect the organizer structure. Did you fellas attempt fixing the collection with ovi suite or Nokia photograph asp for pc? I never attempted so I could not remark on the Nokia key to the situation, but there is an excessive result for it in ovi store in the structure of resco photograph program. It will expense around 10q$ in the event that you needed to be legit. That application will reflect the organizer structure. What we could probably do for the instant is holding up for the following firmware or something like that till Nokia fix this situation. I have no clue concerning the collection info storage but I trust assuming that you other all your substance in mass memory and memory card you will get back the collection info when you restore them following soft reset.

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    Re: Organize photo in PC but cannot organize album on Nokia N8

    Resco viewer goes with organizer structure but is not exceptionally great whatsoever:
    • -photographs are not indicated in the right request if request by date is picked.
    • -I think the software utilizes date of fixation rather than date of recording
    • -glinting photograph scrolling
    • -enormous motion is important to flip from photograph to photograph
    • -images are covering in scene mode

    It could be fantastic if they put an organizer structure in Nokia viewer.

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    Re: Organize photo in PC but cannot organize album on Nokia N8

    The greater part of the Symbian users are holding up for that and it has been "suggested many times in the tread suggestions for future firmware updates" and there are several such treads with something greater than 500 presents.

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    Re: Organize photo in PC but cannot organize album on Nokia N8

    When we get a photo/image viewer or browser that will permit us to see just from a particular folder. I would be cheerful if anyhow I might limit to one drive or memory case in point just demonstrating visualizations on "E" mass memory and not those on the removable micro SD card. Be that as it may this disturbing display program actually fined its at whatever place. There are photograph and visualization hider applications but that is not the plan in my case, as is not to shroud for the reason that then you needs to unhide/hide here and there and then here again. The plan is not to see case in point foreign imported icons, contact thumbnails, etc. s

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    Re: Organize photo in PC but cannot organize album on Nokia N8

    Obviously I did spot one document browser that will permit you to see the picture as you search the envelope. I need to buy it to attempt it out. It is File Browser from Digital ready at OVI Store.

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