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Thread: Nokia 500 or Samsung Galaxy mini

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    Nokia 500 or Samsung Galaxy mini

    I have been looking for getting a good smartphone. For that I have only 2 choices and they are Symbian and Android. I am not looking for ios or iphone for the reason that it is out of my budget. After several researches I have come across 2 good models from both platforms. In that one is Nokia 500 and the other one is Samsung Galaxy mini. What do you suggest?

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    Re: Nokia 500 or Samsung Galaxy mini

    The association processor at 1 GHz with Nokia Symbian 500 (operating system that consumes less resources than the Google platform) is ahead to work more smoothly in times of heavy load of open applications. Management processes and tasks in memory is slightly better in Android, but the differences in platform power and make a difference both devices for Nokia. One last note on this last point: more RAM in the terminal case of Samsung.

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    Re: Nokia 500 or Samsung Galaxy mini

    I really like the Samsung for the reason that Samsung brings a 3.5-inch display and the Nokia 500 just stays on 3.2 inches. But the problem is the Nokia 500 provides 360 x 640 pixels which is far better than the Galaxy Mini

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    Re: Nokia 500 or Samsung Galaxy mini

    I also choose the Galaxy mini because it just brings the android and you can put all the applications you want and the touch is better, but if you want another option is the galaxy fit that costs about 500 pesos more than the mini but brings more things. Furthermore the Android is more popular right now, and of course has considerable power of the Android Market behind him. The Nokia 500 comes with Anna Symbian as Nokia has a great future and will be competition.

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    Re: Nokia 500 or Samsung Galaxy mini

    It appears that the specifications of the Nokia 500 "Fate" leaked up to now they were right. A advertising shot illegally established, actually, that the Nokia 500 ought to be outfitted with a 1GHz CPU, WiFi, as well as 5-MP. There were also three included interchangeable rear cover in Red, Blue and Black. Samsung Galaxy Mini, with the Android operating system, the best and high-performance processor. Finally then I would opt for the Samsung Galaxy Mini is expected to have Android system that is having excellent results comparable to the 'iPhone on the Samsung S Galaxy 2.

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