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Thread: Unable to hear audio on my desktop VPR 6100.

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    Unable to hear audio on my desktop VPR 6100.

    I have got reinstalled the windows xp on my vpr matrix 6100 it has inbuild sound controller and does not come with any restore or recovery cd. The problem arrived suddenly one day when the machine did not gave audio out put so I reinstalled windows xp and integrated the sound max desktop shows integeration compelete but still it samet. I have Intel Pentium 4 processor and Sound max for audio purpose, please help to resolve the problem .

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    Re: Unable to hear audio on my desktop VPR 6100.

    As VPR 1600 is having p4 predecessors this are slow to perform as now the technology is high . As you have already reinstalled , try the repair option of the installation and check the driver do work if not then there should be some specific combination of keys to access the hard disk during the boot time in this situation visit the manufacturers and let them work on it, they are the expert people and would make problem solve.The soundmax drivers are also available on internet , download some of the derives that may support your motherboard and install them check for audio . Download the driver of inf chipset install it and restart your desktop as some of the drivers could have altered .

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    Re: Unable to hear audio on my desktop VPR 6100.

    There might be problem on the installed system or setting might have gone to change automatically without your notification , check for the windows audio service in system manager , if it is not running then change it to automatic and also check plug in and play is on automatic. if all the settings are there then install intel software installation utility for your motherboard and then restart the computer , Check the system file by using scan now and go keep your xp disc ready if it asks for it . Do the system restore and create the system restore point it will bw helpful. If still sound does not work download the new version of soundmax and install it whether this one works on your motherboard.

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    Re: Unable to hear audio on my desktop VPR 6100.

    The sound max is not able to integrate on your machine then, check for the xp copy that you are installed and if it is not compatible to your machine then you can borrow some friends CD and try to install it on to your computer your can also check for the motherboard CD if you can get it from others ,it will be helpful for you. Take the license copy so that there is no other problem and that one only that can be compatible to your specifications .

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    Re: Unable to hear audio on my desktop VPR 6100.

    There must be some kind off combination and my friend told me their is some combination that can help me so I am trying to go through every possible combination of keys .If I find any such combination lucky then I would definitely post it, but still suggestions required .

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