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Thread: Are there Tablets with Hard drive

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    Are there Tablets with Hard drive

    Tablets has nicely spread in the market and I found many companies try to provide the cheapest table with high features. But the one thing they lack is storage space. Are there tablet with hard drive support. And is it possible to get an upgrade also for the same.

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    Re: Are there Tablets with Hard drive

    Till yet there is no final news on the same. Tablets comes with SSD only and maximum with SD card. They have a port for inserting micro sd card which can give you a maximum of 32GB space. That can be enough. There is also a new which says that Seagate is planing to release an Tablet with hard drive in collaboration with Archos. Till yet they had released two models Archos 80 G9 & Archos 101 G9. You can have a look on this two models. What I now that they are using an 2.5inch thin drive in side them. The capacity to hold the space is 320GB, 250GB and 160GB. But what can be done on this. Is it possible to install other operating systems. If yes then this will be surely awesome and worth to buy. But on the other hand we also forget that Tablet pc come with very low hardware support. So more space can be only utilized for storing data/media. This is best for those who want to use tablet for business purpose. So this thin drives can be utilized. And surely the cost will be higher in comparison to the tablet we have today.

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    Re: Are there Tablets with Hard drive

    I had not heard about the same, but this looks a bit interesting. iPad can give you an 32gb space inside will other tablets have support for an flash card.

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    Re: Are there Tablets with Hard drive

    I think if this is out people might surely go for this. First you get a higher data storage space which are beneficial for your application. You can carry many data with you. Archos 70 is the first tablet to have 250GB space and till yet there is no other news which says that more tablets are coming out with more storage space. Anyhow a tablet has an usb interface. So you connect any external storage device to it and use it. And one thing which also matters here is the reliability of the product. Surely this is going to be an slim cylindrical drive. There is an doubt for life cycle of this product.

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