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Thread: Unable to erase all of browsing history in Windows Phone 7

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    Unable to erase all of browsing history in Windows Phone 7

    I have purchased new windows Phone 7 for my personal and professional use two months ago. I don’t have any problem with the working of the device till last week but after that I faced some serious problem regarding with the device. My problem is I cannot delete all of browsing history in Windows Phone 7. I am trying various techniques for that but nothing works. I also searched on the web for the solution but I did not get the proper answer for that. Can anyone give me some suggestion to solve my problem. Please help me.

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    Re: Unable to erase all of browsing history in Windows Phone 7

    I clear this problem on my mechanism by closing off every last trace of the tabs in IE and after that erasing the history in the program. When you open IE on your WP7, there are a couple symbols at the bottom of the screen-Add, Favorites, and Tabs. In case you have numerous tabs open then a number should be shown within the Tabs symbol demonstrating what number of tabs are right now open on your program. Click the Tabs symbol and a record will pop up demonstrating to all of you the tabs that are open. There you hold the choice to finish off the tabs by pressing the X. I'm not confident provided that its fundamental, but then you are able to hurry up and erase your history too. I likewise had "Allow cookies on my device" and "Let Bing recommend sites as I sort" unchecked. I think this will give you better idea.

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    Re: Unable to erase all of browsing history in Windows Phone 7

    I need to inquire that did you determine a resolution to this issue? In the event that not, you need to analysis them and after that please tell me in regarding whether that was supportive or not.

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    Re: Unable to erase all of browsing history in Windows Phone 7

    Regularly depending on if you tap erase history the net locations could be all gone from your phone's history. On the other hand you'll have the capacity to see those locations provided that you still have them open=> tap Show tabs. The tabs showed are tantamount to your desktop. In the event that you erase the history in the web choices of your phone, it won't erase the WebPages that you still have open in your desktop. You will need to close one by one to fully uproot every last trace of the network locations remains from your desktop/phone.

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    Re: Unable to erase all of browsing history in Windows Phone 7

    Here I am giving you some steps to take after. You have to shut down the tabs that you have open. You could probably fulfill this by:

    • Tapping on the tabs symbol on the bottom abandoned (one page an alternate one).

    • Then tap the X on every tab part until all parts are gone, and IE does a reversal to full-screen mode with a blank screen and the expressions "drop in net address" shows up in the navigation bar.

    • Then tap on the a couple dots on the flatter right, and you have to select Settings.

    • On the Settings page, you need to tap on the Delete History button.

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    Re: Unable to erase all of browsing history in Windows Phone 7

    Since you are pointing to look terms that is part of the computerized finish offer that might be turned off in choices.

    -->In IE you have to go to internet options/ content/ autocomplete/ settings/ forms.

    -->And in case of Firefox you have to go to options/ privacy/ history/ remember what I enter in forms and the search bar.

    You would be able to additionally erase the sections by double clicking on a void box, drop down to the first item in the list, and afterward press erase for every entrance.

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    Re: Unable to erase all of browsing history in Windows Phone 7

    because you desire to keep your network surfing private, you might would like to regard studying how to erase the scanning history on Windows Phone 7. This item permits you to delete the posting of pages that were visited while you were surfing the Internet from your mechanism.
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