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Thread: Tablet PdaNet Tablet (Beta) software for android

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    Tablet PdaNet Tablet (Beta) software for android

    Hello friend I have heard about a PDANET software and now I have heard about the PdaNet Tablet (Beta) and I don’t know about both of them so please if anyone can share any detail about this and help me to know about this software than It would be really nice please help me out.

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    re: Tablet PdaNet Tablet (Beta) software for android

    This is tablet version software and this has been very popular software and it has a specific reason to be so popular and that is it allows you to share the internet access for the android device and that is with the android device through the Bluetooth and this is very existing feature. And you can install this application on both the tablet and the phone and then run it with the client mode over the tablet and the server mode on the phone and for this no rooting and all is required it is a very simple software and very easy to use. Connection speed should be bit faster if your phone has a good data service that’s the only requirement for this application and it is very entertaining and a useful application and that’s the reason for its popularity.

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    re: Tablet PdaNet Tablet (Beta) software for android

    Well what I know about this is the PDAnet works with some of the setting in there web proxy server on your tablet and which would be routing your web request to the Bluetooth dun service and this means that the only application that would be using the web connection would be working. Ok now on the honeycomb device pdanet do supports the browser and the gmail and the map for the android 2.2 and 2.3 device pdanet only supports the browser application hope this gives you basic idea about this application.

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    re: Tablet PdaNet Tablet (Beta) software for android

    I am having a galaxy 10.1 and this application has been working nicely with its Bluetooth tethered to my sprint hero who has been running a fresh 2.0 and it seems that they are having the hero access point which is making the servers send a silly mobile version over the pages.

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    re: Tablet PdaNet Tablet (Beta) software for android

    Guys I have got an evo 4g shift over my sprint network and a galaxy 10.1 tablet and each of them are having this application running over them. And then I have saw that often this application has been crashing and has been giving a pop up which is asking about the force close or cancel. In any of the cases my connection is lost. My phone has been running the Gingerbread 2.3 3 and it isn’t rooted and I think this is what making the difference.

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    re: Tablet PdaNet Tablet (Beta) software for android

    Would like to share my personal view for this application and would like to share what I know about this, ok so as you know that this application would be allowing you to share the internet from your android phone to any other android tablet through Bluetooth connection and for this you only need to install this application on both the device. And this should be according to this arrangement that the phone must be a server mode and the tablet must be in the client mode and the following instruction is been stated to connect them.

    All the beta users would be using a web proxy solution. And on the honeycomb device only the browser, Gmail and the map application would be picking up the proxy connection.

    I know that this is not looking like a complete solution but I don’t think there is any other solution as it is been locked I mean the android OS has been locked down without root access.

    Finally you need to make sure that you have cleared the proxy setting when you are done with the use of this application so that the network connection would be back to the normal, and well do not uninstall the application without doing this.

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