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Thread: How much will PS3 console repairing costs?

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    How much will PS3 console repairing costs?

    I think my PS3 support might require repaired as I am getting the Yellow Light Of Death. I could take every available opportunity to know the expense of repair and where is the official Sony repair focuses placed, reassure has not been opened and warranty seal whole so what amount could this expense? In addition in the event that I was to evacuate the warranty seal and open the reassure what amount could the repair expense in examination? The explanation I ask this is being as how it would be a broken capacity supply and depending on if it sets back the ol' finances the same to repair with or without the warranty seal I could much rather open the support and check depending on if it is a defective capacity supply myself before sending it off for repair.

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    Re: How much will PS3 console repairing costs?

    The final time I sent my PS3 out of warranty it require me 125 quid and the event past 140 quid, I’m figuring that figure might have dropped? but also yes if your PS3 is out of warranty you would be able to still endeavor a fix yourself and still send it off to Sony for repair if your unsuccessful without the warranty sticker have settled my particular Ps3 a couple of times (out of warranty) and missed the mark and had to pay a couple of times, the decision is yours my associate. I could nonetheless prescribe not disturbing it in the event that you don’t comprehend what you’re doing as I don’t think they could accommodate depending on if you sent them a case of a part of the way dismantled Ps3 parts.

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    Re: How much will PS3 console repairing costs?

    I had a PS3 60 GB for about 3 years no situation then the appalling yellow light of demise happened. I called Playstaton and was cheerful with the aid then they wanted £145 and offered to redesign me to 160 GB. I wasn’t overly joyful about paying extraneous but peachy whatever. 6 MONTHs following is kicks the bucket again. I call and I am told they no longer do the 160 GB model and will send me a 60 GB model. So I paid over £100 to no end. I’m holding up for a boss to get back to me but I am so baffled.

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    Re: How much will PS3 console repairing costs?

    You should speak to Sony again, the client consultant was wrong. By LAW when having a repair or trade finished, particularly if you've paid for the aid they need to give a reinstatement of equivalent or BETTER esteem. They lack the capacity to downsize an individual that would be unlawful.

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