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Thread: Should i Sell my Samsung Galaxy S2 for LG Optimus 3D

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    Should i Sell my Samsung Galaxy S2 for LG Optimus 3D

    Hello friends I have been hearing a lot about the LG Optimus 3D So I have been planning to sell my Samsung galaxy s2 can you guys tell me would this be a good idea please share up your experience and let me know something about this and then I want to know about both of them drawback which would be problem among them. And which would be the better one.

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    re: Should i Sell my Samsung Galaxy S2 for LG Optimus 3D

    Well I don’t think this is a good idea ever because what I have been going through is LG Optimus 3d is having a very bad battery backup and this would be a bad choice if you would be going with this and the Samsung galaxy have been very nice and it has very long battery backup and any time they would be leading up with the LG optimus so I think this is a bad idea just leave this thought and stay with the one you have and this would be the best choice.

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    re: Should i Sell my Samsung Galaxy S2 for LG Optimus 3D

    What are you saying this would be the worst thing you would be doing if you do that because I have already sold my optimus 3d for some other phone inspite I have been loving that phone very much but I had no other option because this phone was having so many problem with it the heating up was the problem with the other problems like the battery backup taking long to charge applications not installing os not upgrading and so many problem it has been having I am just thinking why did I bought it I have been loving it a lot but I have to hate it because of its behavior so I would be asking you to stop over there and think about some other smartphone which would be in comparative to the Samsung galaxy and the galaxy s2 is still a very nice smartphone and I don’t think you need to change any other from this.

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    re: Should i Sell my Samsung Galaxy S2 for LG Optimus 3D

    But I think we can see onto the drawbacks of the Samsung galaxy to and I think they are not even lagging behind they have been having lots of problem with the heat and battery to is some applications has been running constantly and then it is having a very week wifi connection and they don’t even have a gps lock and then other problem would be like they have been giving the choice over the smartphone if you have been wanting to replace it and I have been planning to go with the Optimus 3d and I have found that they have been out of stock doesn’t that means that it has been running very nicely in the market and they would be doing very nicely with most of the user some of them may have been bit unlucky with that anyways I think LG optimus would be a good option no problem at all.

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    re: Should i Sell my Samsung Galaxy S2 for LG Optimus 3D

    I have heard that the LG optimus is having a bad camera and they have been very poor quality image clicking and which many of them have been sad with and the picture quality has ben given very much importance this days so I would be thinking that you need to clear lot things about it before seeling this awesome phone so think again and check out everything about it over google and get helped.

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    re: Should i Sell my Samsung Galaxy S2 for LG Optimus 3D

    I have found certain points about the optimus 3d and I would be letting you know about that.
    1. I have been getting a very nice signal with the optimus 3d.
    2. I have found that it has been providing very nice wifi signal.
    3. The Samsung galaxy s2 has been a tad snappier than the optimus 3d.
    4. The optimus 3d have been quickly charger than the Samsung galaxy s2.
    5. But I would say that Samsung galaxy has got a bit loud speaker volume.
    6. Via headphone music sounds better from the Optimus 3d.

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    re: Should i Sell my Samsung Galaxy S2 for LG Optimus 3D

    Certain points have been there which I have been considering on and I have really liked that and I am sure that you would be really helped with this for sure and this are related with the browsers and microsd. So the points are I have found that the browser has been seeming to be the tied and they aren’t having the checkered boxes in them in the Optimus 3d and then the other point is the Samsung galaxy has been very bigger storage and this is really very good consideration and then gps has been definitely very better then the optimus 3d, the optimus 3d has been having a cover which protects the usb port and yes it would be having a hassle to open it everytime but it is not able to protect it from the dust from getting in.

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