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Thread: How to activate Skype webcam on Samsung TV

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    How to activate Skype webcam on Samsung TV

    Hi friends I have recently purchased the Samsung Skype Webcam. I want to activate the webcam on my Samsung 7000 2110 model TV. I do not know how to activate the webcam on my Samsung TV. So please people tell how to activate the webcam on the TV and if you got some link or any advice to tell then you are free to tell me. As your advice, suggestions, or any kind of help would help me to activate the webcam on the TV. I want to activate the webcam so that I can have chat with my friends and also that I can attend some video conference which is related to my work. Thank you.

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    re: How to activate Skype webcam on Samsung TV

    I want to ask you some question which is related to your webcam. The webcam which you have purchased is it Skype certified or not. There are some webcam available in the markets which are not certified with the Skype. If your webcam is not certified than it might not work well on your Samsung TV, so better the certification of the webcam then try to activate it to the TV. As the certification is the main and you can’t get any problem in the future while using the webcam. So better check it first.

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    re: How to activate Skype webcam on Samsung TV

    The STC 1100 is the version of the webcam for the Skype. It is most compatible for the Samsung D7000 TV; there are some FREETALK webcam, which are available on the Skype’s website. Those webcam are most compatible with the 2010 product of the Samsung TV. So it is your webcam of the STC 1100, as is compatible with your TV. If you did not know this information, so please check out the webcam version or the model number. The surer will help you to use the webcam and also to activate on the TV. I hope my suggestion would help you.

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    re: How to activate Skype webcam on Samsung TV

    Here is the step to install the webcam on the Samsung TV. The shape would be different depending upon the model which you are using, but the installation is the same for all.
    1. Attach the camera (webcam) with the help of the magnetic holder to the TV, referring to the recommended range of use which is been listed below.
    2. Connect the USB from the camera (webcam) to the USB Port which is located on the rear of the TV.
    3. Attach the cable clip to the TV to carefully organize the connection of the USB cable.
    • Recommended Range of Use: the area that will be offer you an optimal view of the another party/user during a video call.
    • The camera (webcam) should be attached to the area on the TV that will display the best picture on the display/screen of the other party/user.
    • The USB cable should be connected to the USB1, which is HDD port.

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    re: How to activate Skype webcam on Samsung TV

    My friend I am unfortunately not able to diagnose the issue from here. But I would suggest that you better contact the Samsung Service Center of your region, and go for the live assistance. The Samsung Service Center should be able to better assist you with the setting of your webcam or diagnosing the deeper problem with the webcam. I think it would be better and perfect solution for your problem also. I think I have given you proper suggestion which is trusted and also can give you feedback for your problem.

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    Re: How to activate Skype webcam on Samsung TV

    There are many people on the street who fix this type of the problem, but they just cost you more for it. My friend was also having the problem was not waiting to call the Samsung service center, so he call some guy and he had fix the problem in the time of hour. I have seen their work is fine and good and also they do work perfect so that you will be not able to face the problem in the future. I do not suggest you to call them but I was just sharing the idea which had come in to my mind reading the problem of yours. I hope you will find the better solution for it.

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