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Thread: Experience of new Philips net TV

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    Experience of new Philips net TV

    I always use laptop for my entertainment as well as my office purpose. However, from last week family is forcing me to buy a new TV sets. So asked many people which LCD TV will be best for me and be good in quality. Everyone suggest different-different LCD sets but still I am confused which LCD I buy. At one night I saw Philips Net TV it has attracted me. However, I do not know that much about that Net TV. So friend can you provide me more information about this device. If who one experience the device they can share their opinions.

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    Re: Experience of new Philips net TV

    Recently I bought this Philips internet TV and I like to share the experience of this TV will all of you my friend. The primary thing to declare concerning the Philips Net TV within the web based world stage is that now it acts for the just framework offering open access to the Internet. It’s on the net-fit models send with a built-in browser, with the ability to drop in Internet addresses, and remote cursor controls that spared you the time to pilot through the 'click through' tiles and message choices on most websites pages.

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    Re: Experience of new Philips net TV

    It is decent, too, that the TV keeps a history of pages you have visited to streamline your surfing, and that the words include framework works more effectively than you could look for. However, we still wish the mark could pitch an optional keyboard moreover. The incapability of brands to control matter if they give open Internet access makes it implausible alternate marks will take after Philips down the open Web street, but if the entire plan of having breaking points put on what you are able to see on the net on your TV miracles you, then the Philips framework is by default the just put to go.

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    Re: Experience of new Philips net TV

    Recently Philips has launched new internet TV in the market with inbuilt features like Net TV application. Net TV allows user to access lot’s of websites through television by just sitting at home. this Net TV have preinstall bookmarks of some websites like YouTube, Funspot, TomTom, MeteoGroup, MyAlbum, Netlog, and even eBay. The Philips has launched in two series of this Net TV 8000 and 9000 series of Net TV.

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    Re: Experience of new Philips net TV

    If we compare with other net TV this Philips Net TV then we will get that this Philips Net TV have some feedbacks. In this Net TV you enter address through remote control while in other Net TV it’s full screen touch. entering address through remote control is uncomfortable and time-consuming, and what text you are writing is been look so small is hard to read, while entering websites address you have to sit in front of that and then you can enter the address.

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    Re: Experience of new Philips net TV

    A brushed aluminum casing and a couple-sided Ambilight framework gives this 40" LCD TV an interesting look, but it’s the sheer value of its good day-def funneled-and, more surprisingly, it’s got inbuilt speakers which sound likes a stereo sound. Its on-screen accomplishment is greatly down to what Philips calls LED Pro, a backdrop illumination framework that headliners 224 LED lights orchestrated antiquated screen, which can switch on and off separately. I will suggest you buy it immediately do not think that much about this Net TV.

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