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Thread: I want to use onenote on thinkpad

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    I want to use onenote on thinkpad

    It looks that Lenovo focuses on productivity when it is releasing its new tablet. The new tablet looks like it will be impressive. I have no idea about this tablet that how it works with the Android tablet. I have many questions regarding this: the keyboard is an option? Will the pen support be as good as or may better than w7? Will office applications work effectively? Will the note takingtool be fully supported as it is very important for me? Is exchange fully supported? How about remote desktop?
    Kindly reply, any suggestions regarding this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: I want to use onenote on thinkpad

    Well Lenovo has put all the right stuff into the Thinkpad. I thought that the price of the think pad would be very high but it isn’t that high. Many professionals and business people are attracted towards the thinkpad. It has a keyboard that can be attached and carried which is a major plus for me since I write.
    For more information regarding Lenovo thinkpad I think you need to browse internet and search

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    Re: I want to use onenote on thinkpad

    I think currently it has the best overall design in the market. One can have a thinkpad keyboard on the tablet whenever one needs and make it a proper travel business device also the N-Trig pen frees us from the extra weight of the case and the keyboard when we don't want to take them along in the briefcase for a meeting. I am a bit disappointed with its operating system actually. The display is beautiful and the aspect ratio is 16:10. Well personally android is a non-starter for my business needs.

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    Re: I want to use onenote on thinkpad

    I do a lot of remote editing with PDF annotator and handle all of my billing electronically. My main word processor is Word perfect and my office uses the Corel Office Suite. If we consider documents then I think basic editor and dl evernote will work better with the thinkpad. Well I have no idea about the remote desktop. There is no android version of onenote. There is going to be a third part application which will deal with onenote files.

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