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Thread: Which android application to look for when getting new Smartphone?

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    Which android application to look for when getting new Smartphone?

    I have a HTC Desire S yesterday, but running Gingerbread already, so I'll be rid of the upgrade issues, for now. Pass-beta already installed and I have to say I am very impressed by the superiority and speed. Much enhanced than the text as well as PalmOS, word forecast works enormous, still when switching flanked by English and Dutch. Enter the text is lightning speedy. What other applications should be viewed from the standpoint of general use? I tried to find theme-must-have applications, but anyone who uses the wrong keywords, whether it is not there.

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    Re: Which android application to look for when getting new Smartphone?

    A "Best Application" thread is never quite taken off. I think in part this is because there are many applications, operating system versions and differences for many from device to device. As things get more stable, that could change. You may want to see Android Graffiti, quite nice. Calando is a nice replacement and calendar you can use your own. Will be at the root so you can use Backup titanium, but or else if you obtain that data backed up, is in extremely high-quality shape. If invested in Outlook, like me, Pocket Informant will do direct synchronization with Outlook in version 1.5. ETA does not know, but I think 4th quarter Q1 11 or 12. That's what I'm waiting.Astro is a great file manager. I think it's better than the Quick Office Docs-To-Go. Drop Box is essential, in my opinion.

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    Re: Which android application to look for when getting new Smartphone?

    I'm using it as a phone, a lot of mail traffic on Exchange and Gmail, a little browsing (Opera is already installed, and I do not like the file browser). The objective is to synchronize with Outlook 2010, nevertheless in view of the fact that I installed it on top of 2007, seems to believe is not the default mail client. One way or another I have to fix that first. As in the old days with PalmOS calendar, taking notes, managing tasks, although cloud-based, I presume?

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    Re: Which android application to look for when getting new Smartphone?

    This point of view it brings up something I've been meaning to try. In order to synchronize Windows Mobile with Google services, Google offers an Exchange server to use the phone. I was wondering if you use the Outlook Exchange server desktop instead, it would be all my xdandroid synchronized (with the exception of tasks, which probably was not added to the service)
    I’ve been uncertain to attempt this for the reason that I do not know what point of view as fine I have an Exchange account awaiting now, and have just begin looking for ways to set up a second. I did some Google the other day about ways to sync Outlook with Google, and this has not come out, so I wonder if there is an obvious reason why it would not work.

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    Re: Which android application to look for when getting new Smartphone?

    There are a lot of choices out there. If you do not care about having sync on the desktop a great choice is all Notes. The good thing is that NE wills introduction Palm memos. I have an extremely high-quality configuration reminder the participation of the cloud and the timing and I really like. Sounds strange, because there are three parties’ involved different applications, but they work seamlessly together it are very simple. I use XP on my computer Resophnotes, simple note on the website and note Flick in my Nexus. All trouble-free stay in sync in the background and ResophNotes also makes backups as plain text. It has all the bells and whistles of the heavier footprint, more complicated than ever considered, but it's really great to use.

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    Re: Which android application to look for when getting new Smartphone?

    You'll probably have to wait for Pocket Informant to show the functionality of all, it will. There are few good options for synchronization of Outlook, especially for notes and to-dos. Link partner will, but is expensive and Android applications at the Office Stop are android application suite, are clumsy and unreliable in general, even if they are not allowed to use the databases Android. If you let it use the data base for Android hell breaks loose. What I would not give anything as good as it used to be Chapura. I think Pocket Informant to do well.

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