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Thread: HP pavilion dv7-4190us laptop working slow

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    HP pavilion dv7-4190us laptop working slow

    I am using the Hp pavilion laptop dv7 – 4190us and I have installed the windows XP operating system. I have bought this laptop recently and now I facing issue of slow working. When I start my laptop then it take too much time to start and function is not working properly like media player, vlc media player etc, I unable to install some software. And whatever software I have in my laptop they are also not working Properly. Give me some suggestion, how can I resolve my problem.

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    Re: HP pavilion dv7-4190us laptop working slow

    In your laptop which is dv7-4190us in this if your system is affected from the virus then the virus is delete your file from the system , the window registry have a large database in your system ,if the registry is corrupt or damage then the system get affected it means when you start your system then it take time to start And in the case if your operating system get corrupt then your system can work slowly, because when the operating system is corrupted then the file or function of that system is not run properly, and if your system have a hardware problem then it also not work properly, so that the system is work slowly .

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    Re: HP pavilion dv7-4190us laptop working slow

    If you are using the dv7-4190us laptop and your laptop is not working properly then it may be that be overheating of the system , because if the system is over hit then it will work slow, if the system is over hit then in the laptop the motherboard are going to be hit and motherboard is the part if the system , when it hit then the circuit are have to be damage, this is the reason when the laptop are slow working.

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    Re: HP pavilion dv7-4190us laptop working slow

    When the HP pavilion laptop dv7 – 4190us is not work properly then it means there is a RAM problem , that means RAM is not correctly attached because Ram is the random access memory and it is temporary memory of the system which the system are use, if the RAM are damage or very less capacity that is 256mb then there is case to slow the system or take to much time to start the system or the laptop.

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    Re: HP pavilion dv7-4190us laptop working slow

    In the case when the laptop is work slowly then it may have hard disk problem, because when the hard disk are full means in the hard disk there is no more space for put any data in the hard disk then the system work slowly because
    In the hard disk all the data have to be stored and when we install the operating system then hard disk must require
    For the operating system , so that if the hard disk are full then the system or laptop are work slowly or it will take time to start.

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