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Thread: Motorola droid 3 built in Task Manager vs taskiller

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    Motorola droid 3 built in Task Manager vs taskiller

    Hi, I have a Motorola droid and in that I have noticed that there are multiple crap software running behind the applications. So is there anyone who have used the built in task manager, as I have seen that there are too many glitches using that, and because of that though we end up the application it shows that the application is still running, so I think the task manager that they have provide is next to worth less isn’t it? So after searching the internet for more information on other task manager I came across the name called taskiller, so is there anyone who had used this application ever before? Is it better than the preinstalled task manager?

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    re: Motorola droid 3 built in Task Manager vs taskiller

    I think there is no such problem that you are mentioning about the built in task manager, and I uses to use the same to close all the application in my mobile, and sometimes when the mobile gets stuck the manager just don’t work for some time and then only this can happens, so at this moment you should reboot the phone for at least one time so it will clear all the unwanted cache from the device and you’ll be able to use it properly.

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    re: Motorola droid 3 built in Task Manager vs taskiller

    Yeah I am agree with the above user as you can easily end up the application but I think this might be because of the faulty application as well, because once I have installed faulty application in my mobile and after that it was like affecting all other functions of the phone, including the one that you have mentioned, so make sure that the application you are using is not corrupted, rather you should delete all those application who can causes this kind of errors.

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    re: Motorola droid 3 built in Task Manager vs taskiller

    If you compare the built in task manager and the another one, there is not much difference in their working ability as both of them does the same thing to kill the task, but if you concern about the performance you’ll get the difference as they both uses different technique to kill the process. And according to me if you are not satisfied with the built in task manager you should try another as whatever the name that you have mentioned, I am not very much sure about that because I haven’t used it ever before, so before using that ensure that the application is well.

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    re: Motorola droid 3 built in Task Manager vs taskiller

    I have used this application and would like to suggest you that same because in this you can have ability to end up all the application together as well. And I have noticed that using the built in task manager it can only end the application but sometimes it happens as some of the process of t he application doesn’t stops and keeps running and that makes the mobile to work slow, but with the help of taskiller it not only end running apps but processes also. in fact you can have the feature that will let you allow you to mark some of your favorite application in the ignore list, through which when you kill all the application the marked application would be still running.

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    Re: Motorola droid 3 built in Task Manager vs taskiller

    That’s good if you are using any other application for the same purpose, but I would suggest you that you should try to use the one that you have already because the preinstalled application is also good, and as far as closing is concern you should always make them close as they are expected, rather than using the task manager, and, it’s not the best practice to end the application again and again through the task manager only.

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