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Thread: Dell Peju Tablet Announced

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    Dell Peju Tablet Announced

    Dell announced a niche tablet “peju”

    As we were having a Windows tablet in the market With very usual OS such as Android and IOS , and they were ruling the market. But now the dell has announced a new tablet with all new capabilities and the features. It is named as Dell Peju, and the most important thing about the tablet is the potential to run Windows 7 Operating System. I would say this is the revolutionary invention in the tablet market, with its 10.1" screen you’ll get very smarter high definition display with 1920x1080 dimensions.



    CPU: Intel Core i5 processor

    Display: 10.1-inch screen with high definition display (1920×1080)

    Memory: 4 GigaByte

    Operating System : Windows 7 Pro / Windows 8 Compatible as well

    Connectivity: WiFi b/g, Bluetooth, 3G & 4G with HSDPA support

    Webcam: 5Mega Pixel Camera, and 1.3 Mega Pixel rear camera

    Input: Touch, Stylus, Bluetooth Keyboard, & USB Keyboard. via the docking station. (Keyboard not included)

    Ports included: 2-USB port, Mini VGA, 1 HDMI port, microSD for SD card, audio jack.

    Dimensions: 10.8 x 6.7 x 0.63 inches, 1.9 lbs.

    Storage: 64 GB SSD expandable upto 120 GB SSD

    Battery: integrated, 5,500 mAh,

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    re: Dell Peju Tablet Announced


    High Picture Quality : With 5 megapixel of camera you can capture a very good high definition images, as well as the video quality is also too good with 30 frame per second.

    High quality performance : As the tablet has a very good hardware included, you can have the same performance as you got on your personal computer, through this the Intel has given their wonderful support with their processor make the tablet runs as faster as possible.

    Reliable Battery Life : In the tablet they have included 5,500 mAh battery through which you’ll get a extended performance of 6 to 8 hours. So this is quite enough to work with.

    Different Input slots : The tablet is equipped with four major concern able ports, as you can connect the USB flash drive directly to the tablet, as well as with its built in HDMI port you can connect the device to any other High definition television as well, audio jack will enable you to play the audio files as well as the videos files.

    Huge operating system support : As the tablet has a potential to run the operating system which is actually meant for the personal computers, you can install windows 7 on this tablet and can advanced it up to windows 8 too.

    Storage capacity : With a huge storage capacity, the tablet enable its user to save as more content as they can in the tablet. You can save the content up to 60 GB and the capacity that you can expand up to 120GB.

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