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Thread: Kindle to be soon launched for Android

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    Kindle to be soon launched for Android

    After an application for almost all existing mobile systems, Amazon Kindle finally proposes an application for Android. As a reminder to those who have lived in a cave, the Kindle is the successor assumed that, in the twentieth century, the populace knew as the "book". Approximately 600,000 digital works are available on the Amazon store. Note that your books purchased on other platforms are compatible with this new version. The book still has a bright future ahead of him in my humble opinion.

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    Re: Kindle to be soon launched for Android

    Amazon currently offers a black and white version of its Kindle electronic book reader. According to the NYT the next model which is known to be proposed this time in color should logically out Android. According to the newspaper online, Amazon has hired a team that specializes in operating system Android what would announce the passage of the Kindle operating system Google. When you think with a market approach to Android and Kindle Park already Thus buying eBooks, Amazon may well close the loop and provide an eReader can also buy applications.

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    Re: Kindle to be soon launched for Android

    With an electronic ink device that runs Android, it was expected that small malignant embark on the adventure of hacking not too serious, but pretty funny. And above all, revealing the relationship to the environment Kindle. So here we go: the Touch Nook Kindle now houses the application for Android, with proof in video, not really ideal or perfect, but obviously it's always fun to see the success of a nice hack. The feature set is present, and the video looks good use.

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    Re: Kindle to be soon launched for Android

    The NookCOlor suffered the same indignities, after a widely exploited hack allowed the installation of the application for Android Kindle on the shelf. It is still interesting, if one ignores the desire to succeed a hacking not too serious, to see how hackers try to recreate this environment Kindle. Proof if needed that Amazon has become a leader, probably in sales, but above all in the mind, in reading digital.

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    Re: Kindle to be soon launched for Android

    Here are some features of Kindle with Android:
    • Search in an ebook (for text or voice recognition) a word or phrase
    • Add / Remove / Edit Notes
    • Add / Remove / Change passages highlighted (see screenshot)
    • Notes and highlighted passages are synchronized and available on all devices using Kindle
    • Search for words or phrases on Wikipedia, and
    • Blocking orientation: portrait or landscape

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