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Thread: Kindle one of the finest eReader on the market

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    Kindle one of the finest eReader on the market

    Amazon keeps saying that the Kindle is a success, as shown in the press release issued yesterday, on the occasion of sending the first orders of the Kindle. Moreover, Amazon seems to have difficulty meeting the demand, the Kindle remains the best product sold by Amazon. However, beyond this buzz organized what it really? The American press has been able to test this new reader and it seems to agree on product quality. Amazon signed by a worthy successor to its flagship product, not revolutionary but outperforms the rest of the market. We selected two tests that seem most relevant.

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    Re: Kindle one of the finest eReader on the market

    First, PC-Mag which awards a score of 4 / 5 in the Kindle. Design more compact than the previous generation, a screen with better contrast, the addition of WiFi and its unsurpassed catalog are the main elements that make the Kindle "the best reader you can buy. PCMag still reports that this new model is not revolutionary compared to the Amazon Kindle 2 but perfect its product as and models. The only drawback noted by the magazine is the lack of compatibility with the ePub format. On this point, the Nook has the further advantage.

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    Re: Kindle one of the finest eReader on the market

    With the best screen epaper market, the Kindle also comes with a lot of self-important enough to "agree to the Space Shuttle missions. The price of the model equipped with WiFi ($ 139) is low enough to attract many readers. Despite these strengths, the Kindle is not without flaws. Its environment will hinder some closed while the lack of touch screen discourage quickly addicted to touch screens of Apple. However, the Kindle is nevertheless a concentration of technology with an electronic paper screen in contrast to none. Wired awarded him the note from 9 / 10. Strongly expected to receive a copy in writing, to give you our final opinion on the reader. I have the impression that he will not disappoint us.

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    Re: Kindle one of the finest eReader on the market

    I hope one day Amazon's Kindle store altogether in Europe, but a priori hard to do better on time. Brief. Let the beast: it is actually light and pleasant to learn, just as easy to use. WiFi + 3G model will be perfect for people who travel a lot and want to receive their newspapers, magazines regardless 3G to connect to a WiFi and WiFi model only. From what I understand the management of the wireless on my model, the WiFi is only activated when needed and 3G will remain active unless you disable the wireless, which of course saves the battery.

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    Re: Kindle one of the finest eReader on the market

    And as the previous model, which deals with Amazon's costs associated with the 3G connection, basically not need to put a SIM card and pay a monthly or sell a kidney for each trip abroad, the price of the data is included in your purchase of books or newspapers. It only needs to surf internet access with 3G and it would nice. For info it is available in gray, black or white version for 3G and WiFi and just black for the wireless version.

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