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Thread: How to Replace the Keyboard in an HP Pavilion DV7-4000

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    How to Replace the Keyboard in an HP Pavilion DV7-4000

    The keyboard is a critical component of your HP Pavilion DV7-4000. It is important to care for it properly. Cleaning accumulated dust and dirt out of the keyboard using a can of compressed air once a month is a good practice, as is watching for stuck keys and other problems. But even with the best of care, you may need to replace your laptop's keyboard at some point.
    * 1

    Shut the Pavilion dv7 down and close the screen. After unplugging all cables from the computer, turn it over and remove the battery.
    * 2

    Unscrew the six Phillips-head screws holding the large T-shaped panel to the bottom of the Pavilion dv7. Remove the panel and set it aside.
    * 3

    Remove the keyboard locking screw--marked by a keyboard-shaped icon--from the top part of the compartment exposed when you removed the T-shaped panel. Reserve the screw.
    * 4

    Remove the black Phillips-head screw from next to the wireless adapter inside the T-shaped compartment. This screw holds the Pavilion dv7 optical drive in place.
    * 5

    Pull the Pavilion dv7 optical drive gently out of its bay, and then remove the two Phillips-head screws from inside the empty drive bay. Reserve the screws.
    * 6

    Remove the Phillips-head screw next to the circular intake fan vent in the corner of the Pavilion dv7.
    * 7

    Remove the five Phillips-head screws from inside the empty battery compartment. You should now have removed 16 screws in all. Turn the Pavilion dv7 over and open the screen.
    * 8

    Insert a spudger or other flat plastic tool into the seam between the speaker grille and computer casing on the right side of the Pavilion dv7. Gently pry up to begin removing the speaker grille from the computer. As you do this, move the spudger to a new location to pry different areas until the grille is completely disconnected. Mind the ribbon cable connecting the center of the speaker grille to the logic board, and do not lift the grille any higher from the computer than the cable allows.
    * 9

    Push both sides of the speaker grille cable lock forward until the cable slides easily out of the logic board connector. Set the speaker grille aside.
    * 10

    Remove the four Phillips-head retaining screws above the top row of the HP Pavilion DV7-4000 Keyboard. Lift the keyboard up and forward, and place it face-down on the palm rest.
    * 11

    Unlock the Pavilion dv7 keyboard cable connector using the same method as for the speaker grille connector. Slide the cable out of the connector, remove the keyboard and set it aside.
    * 12

    Place the new HP Pavilion DV7-4000 Keyboard upside-down on the palm rest. Slide the keyboard into the connector, close the lock and rotate the keyboard down into the computer. Replace the four Phillips-head screws.
    * 13

    Slide the speaker grille cable into the connector and close the cable lock. Push the speaker grille into its original position above the HP Pavilion DV7-4000 Keyboard. Press gently on all parts of the speaker grille until it is flush with the computer casing.
    * 14

    Close the screen and turn the computer over. Replace the five screws inside the battery compartment, the screw next to the intake fan vent, the two screws inside the empty optical drive bay and the screw inside the T-shaped compartment.
    * 15

    Replace the t-shaped panel on the bottom of the Pavilion dv7 and its six screws.
    * 16

    Slide the optical drive back into its bay and replace the securing screw.
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    Re: How to Replace the Keyboard in an HP Pavilion DV7-4000

    Thanks for the tips but an easy way would be also to remove the power button board and the screws for that are silver ones in the battery compartment in most of the hp laptops. Once you get those off remove the power button panel and then the keyboard will come right off. Hope that helps as well.

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