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Thread: My Motorola Defy is buggy

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    My Motorola Defy is buggy

    Since I have updated my Defy, does my camera default app is no longer. When I start it, first comes a black screen and then it jumps back on the menu. I tried all ways of starting the app shortcut menu, switching from camcorder to camera. My failed attempts to solve: Defy rebooted, battery removed Does anyone have an idea to fix the bugs or even this problem. There is already a similar topic, but what has developed into a different direction -> rather than a problem - an alternative camera app.

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    Re: My Motorola Defy is buggy

    Try going over your camcorder which still run okay. To de-Menu button and dan Settings and check whether it is time for you somewhere, "widescreen" is. So turn, dan and try again. Even here in the forum have one or two times "widescreen" view.In my opinion, this is an update. I can not change anyway, the camera on wide screen. Yesterday I also made a hard reset because the camera just stopped working. I hang up now but still no improvement found out the speed. But that was previously not been too bad. So better wait for froyo.

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    Re: My Motorola Defy is buggy

    Man take the widget with all the networks on the home screen everything was calm in the home screen one to the left or right switches to balance and there is still ugly beams with brightness gradations! No matter which color or widget. Calendar Widget updated date at midnight, but not many, many hours later. Connected Media Player, sometimes showing a reduced cover of the album only part of the allocated space fills.

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    Re: My Motorola Defy is buggy

    The firmware is in my opinion, more deterioration than improvement.
    • "Last selected" list of images mapping now works
    • Speed is ultimate option to deal with
    • FM radio no longer works properly when switching between the stored jumps back and forth.
    • Problem with widgets on the Home screen, partially overlapping widgets widgets or simply disappearing.
    • Old market, no automatic update of the markets.
    • In my opinion, quite a cheek so as to give an update released

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    Re: My Motorola Defy is buggy

    So just taken out the battery. After pressing the power button it booted normally again. With 3G and EDGE, I also have my problems. Partially works to enable the data connection is not correct which was better with 2.21. It manifests itself in such a way that appears in the Notification Bar Although EDGE or UMTS connection but this does not provide data, ie the break programs such as the stick-browser GTalk from K9 or with a timeout. Sometime it goes again. A wipe I've done it after the update, because the camera is not working.

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    Re: My Motorola Defy is buggy

    Assign speed dial number only works until the next reboot, if not Motoblur account has been created at the facility. After the restart, all entries are deleted. Solution: Create Motoblur account. The automatic brightness control does not always work correctly. The same phenomenon shows the illumination of the 4 touch buttons. Workaround display off and on again no reboot needed if this continues, I will also look after a 2.2 times Froyo thingy.

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