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Thread: Battery saving tips for Android

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    Battery saving tips for Android

    I have taken a new Android smartphone for myself and happy to use it. Can you help me with tips that could help me save battery on my Android phone. As I have heard many things about these smarphone drain batteries. Give me tips such that I don’t ideally waste much of my battery. All your replies will be appreciated.

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    Re: Battery saving tips for Android

    Try the following necessary tips which I think will very useful for you to save battery.
    • Avoid using handsets because they drain much of your battery.
    • Don’t unnecessarily switch on your Bluetooth because it eats battery.
    • Try to keep your smartphone in less virabtation mode as vibration mode
    • consumes lot of battery.
    • Go to settings and keep your screen brightness to minimum.

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    Re: Battery saving tips for Android

    I can help you with some more tips and tricks with the help of it you can save battery such as by keeping of application such as GPS, auto sync and wifi. Set your screen lightout to 35sec or less and play games by switching off the sound and vibration. Then you can turn off windows animation by changing its settings. It will also lead your smartphone to be faster. Try not using the screen lock. Different homescreens and launchers eat your battery lot.

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    Re: Battery saving tips for Android

    There are also more things to consider like turning off the background data and auto sync function that connect to the android market for update consume much of the battery. If your much concerned with the battery saving then turn off the push notification but I suggest you to keep it since it is important. If you try more tips then honestly you will not enjoy your smart phone. You can even purchase spare battery if you want instead of trying all those tips. Just keep in mind that, don’t switch on unnecessary application which is not of your use at that moment.

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