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Thread: Why does Droid 3 is coming with Android 2.2.

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    Why does Droid 3 is coming with Android 2.2.

    My friend wants to purchase droid 3. This time he uses the android 2.2. What is the reasoning of Motorola to launch Droid 3 with OS 2.2 installed? You are on the phone very well-kept Android platform. If this phone comes with 2.2 my friend should be replaced. This phone should always be the king of the keyboard carrying Android phones on the market only a modest improvement each year. I realize that Motorola is in a situation with bionics, but it is necessary to reduce all other products to make the Bionic more successful? So please give me your views.

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    Re: Why does Droid 3 is coming with Android 2.2.

    Well, according you problem that I hesitation Motorola is alone in making this judgment; they almost certainly have a conformity with VZW to do this. On the bright side there appears to be a solid rumor (but it is just a rumor) floating approximately that the Nexus 3 might potentially be a Droid utilizing Motorola hardware (also on VZW). But I presume we are similar to 5-6 months away from confirming that delusional hope or exhausted truth. So you shouldn’t go with the rumor.

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    Re: Why does Droid 3 is coming with Android 2.2.

    The phone was probable in development before Android 2.3 were legitimately launched. Rather than postpone the launch of the phone so that it could ship with 2.3, Motorola almost certainly decided to ship with Android 2.2 and launch android 2.3 upgrade as soon as they could. If your friend wants to droid 3 then you will have to purchase it. It is not upgradable. You can on the droid site and there you will select the modal and purchase it from the gallery.

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    Re: Why does Droid 3 is coming with Android 2.2.

    There are several rumors going around about the release dates Droid 3. Earlier, the phone is expected to be released in June. Now the rumors out loud that this Smartphone will be released in July. Thus, customers are having trouble finding the actual release dates of the latest version of the Droid. Any customer who research online is likely to be confused with the launch of Motorola Droid 3. Because all web sources give different information about release dates. I have told you about the droid 3.

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