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Thread: Password protection not in Android Market

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    Password protection not in Android Market

    Last month I buy this android Smartphone and now I want to provide some authentication to the android market. When the children present on the try to handle this cell phone, then there is possibility that they miss used this android market and may be they view or download unnecessary application or something else. It’s so easy to access the application on it. I think this smartphone should be necessary some authentication on android market. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Password protection not in Android Market

    I completely agree this problem. This is to be happening in almost time that children are not able to handle such kind of risky application and it may be possibility that they do some harmful things on this Smartphone. It is unreasonable that Google doesn’t do anything on this android Smartphone. This will be requiring some authentication type of facility. It may be necessary that the password is to be assign to the android application. I feel this is the disadvantage of the android.

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    Re: Password protection not in Android Market

    Hey, may you do know but the Smartphone will automatically turns off after awhile. There is an special option present in the setting menu of the android. This will be help to provide the security to the Smartphone. Then you need to just do this and this will be help to you for doing such complicated task. Then check the security option of the setting and this will be help to you for solving this problem. This is necessary to you for security purpose.

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    Re: Password protection not in Android Market

    I agree with your opinion. The Google purposely leave out authorization framework on this android marketplace application. This will be most problematic in your phone. the security option of the setting menu will be help to solve the problem. This is the way that will be help to completely assign the security to the total android phone. The alternative way is not present that help to provide the authentication to this application.

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    Re: Password protection not in Android Market

    I think it's a stupid idea to protect the android market. There will be no necessary to do this task. If this will not contain the password protected app then it will be something strategy of the developer. You need to take care of this issue. If you have assign some password to the android market then it also possibility that this password is to be broken. Then you need also another good solution. Hence as per my thinking you need to take prevention instead of the assigning the code or password.

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    Re: Password protection not in Android Market

    I have not faced this kind of problem. Then reason behind this is to be I am fine with the inbuilt facility of the application. This application is completely secured because I was taking care of this application. You also need to take the care of this application. This will be most helpful to you that this will protect your application. Then also you need to contact the support staff of the site and they will help you. Then use that expert help and if possible then solve this problem.

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